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Multiculturalism Position Paper (Essay Sample)


The paper focuses on whether programs and services should be designed in relation to the culture of the beneficiary. The task was to discuss and take a stand on whether service delivery should be client tailored.


Position Paper
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Position Paper
Multiculturalism is the existence of different types of cultures and ethnicity in a particular area or place. In many case, the government designs policies to respond to the diversity in the interest of the individuals of the society as a whole. This is a policy for managing consequences of cultural diversity.
The paper focuses on whether programs and services should be designed in relation to the culture of the beneficiary. The aspect of culture is briefly mentioned in service delivery yet it influences the successes of a service delivery process. Different communities respond differently to community resources and also government agencies. In communities where there is a pattern in settlement, their response to service delivery differs from a community with random pattern of living.
Communities can be divided according to religion, sexism, race, ethnicity or origin, age and social economic class. Each must be recognized and accounted for if one is to understand human behavioral differences of that community.
Various services may appear important and useful to certain communities and may be accepted willingly and easily as compared to other services. This may be because of different history and the meaning it carries along. It is important to learn the history of a certain service or program in relation to the community to which it is intended for.
Service level can be defined as the number of customers that are willing to take the product. Different customers will take the product is it fits them and therefore considered tailored to their advantage. As it applies to business, for a successful design of program or service, the service should be made to suit the final client in relation to their race, age, sexuality or other cultural difference.
Considering a uniform service for the community regardless of culture may affect its acceptance because a certain group may require attention and therefore may believe that they will not be understood culturally or their needs will not be properly addressed in a helpful manner if the service is not specifically designed. This is because different class of people has different priorities that if not followed will affect the influence of the service offered to the client. For example a slum may choose to have water instead of network fibre optics. If the government is extending the fibre optic, the community will not acknowledge the service as an important service to them like other well off communities. This calls for service delivery to be tailored to suit the client.
Language and communication, is another reason service delivery programs should be designed according to culture. Language and communication may promote or even render service delivery useless to a certain community. To support the fact t...
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