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Nurture Influences Development More Compared to Nature (Essay Sample)


This is my argument which I need you to address in the paper. I am for (Proponent) of Nurture. I would stand against nature - that nurture is more powerful in someone's identity and that nurture affects someone more than nature. That it's not genes (DNA) that make us who we are but Nurture has a greater impact (influence). Does that make sense?


Nurture Influences Development More Compared to Nature


Nature is predominantly referred to our genetic composition. It relates to hereditary genes that humans have since childbirth, together with other hereditary components which impact how our personality is influenced. Nature is formed by how people develop, starting from childhood through adulthood. Nurture, however, encompasses surrounding factors influencing who we are. This constitutes the experiences we had in childhood, the different ways that we were raised, and the surrounding society. In this discussion, there will be a thorough analysis that nurture is more robust than nature regarding a person's identity and personality. It is not nature (DNA) that makes an individual but nurture (environment) that facilitates the person we become.
Nature Verse Nurture
All the behaviors and characteristics we possess are more inclined to nurture than nature. The genetic aspect is what makes us unique, but when it comes to the growth and development part, our surrounding factors play a critical role. Some exemptional scholars like John B Watson strongly believe that individuals can be trained to become and do anything, despite their genetic history (Srivastava et al., 2020). As an empiricist, all actions people perform are an outcome of learning. A good example is when students pass their exams. Do they pass the test because of their genetics, or did they pass due to an enriched environment?
It is without a doubt that nurture plays a more significant role in developing language/speech than nature. Twins’ analysis gives a better opportunity to study and comprehend environmentally and inherited contributions to language acquisition (Gao, 2022). When twins are born and share the same genes, after some time, one is exposed to the environment while the other remains at home. The one who relates more to the environment has a greater chance of constructing words than the one who is indoors. We may need genes to create a language acquisition device (LAD), but our environmental factors are needed more for the linguistic system (Van Vu, 2021). Both twins have the same inherited genes, and the difference is that one is ahead in speech development, which indicates that nurture is more important than nature in becoming who we are.

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