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Police Brutality against Blacks (Essay Sample)

are police more brutal towards the African Americans in the united states? source..
Police Brutality against Blacks Name Institutional Affiliation Police Brutality against Blacks Police brutality involves the use of unwarranted or excessive force by police or other law enforcement personnel in the course of their official duty. There have been many cases of police having used excessive force more when dealing with black or African American people in the United States as compared to the Caucasian population. Some of this data has pointed out that the reason is that unlawfulness is more rampant among this population. This paper discusses the data available to support the claims that police are more brutal with the African American population. Ross (2015) carried out a study regarding the same. He found out that the cases of black people having been killed or injured by police were more than those of other races in America. He further indicates in his report that most of the backs that died during their interaction with the police were unarmed and thus cannot be said to have posed serious threat to the police to warrant use of live bullets. He concludes that there is no relation between the number of times police have used excessive force on blacks, and the crime rate among this population. The same conclusion was made in a report by Chaney and Robertson (2013). The state that race matters a lot when it comes to stops, searches and suspicion by the police. In public places, black people are searched more or suspected more by the police to be participating or intending t...
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