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Racism: Ethical Statements, Ethical Properties, Judgments (Essay Sample)




Metaethics refers to one of the three branches of ethics that seek to understand the nature of ethical statements, ethical properties, judgments, as well as attitudes. The other two branches which include normative ethics and applied ethics focus on what is moral (Hare, 1981). They address questions such as, what is morally or ethically good and bad. Meta-ethics uses the approach that focuses on what morality itself is. The term is thus derived from two schools of thought that is, morality as well as ethics. Ethics thus generally lays emphasis on the need to observe the application of good decision making. On the other hand, morality tries to focus on that which may be considered right by a majority of the people.
Racism refers to a way where some race is likely to see itself superior to another and thus prone to segregate the rest of society. However, while such tendencies tend to have an adverse effect on how people coexist in a society, those who are in this case abused may not necessarily have power over their state owing to it is natural in the event of for instance one being born black but can as well be as a result of social status. Among the different ways, one is segregated can come about as a result of their skin color, traditions, once location as well as the spoken language. One can also tell a person’s character by how he may treat others.
In the past, racism was quite rampant, this doesn’t imply the situation doesn’t exist but still experienced in other societies. Whenever it happens, those being victimized are prone to experience a difficult encounter trying to survive. At times, this has led to the rise in inequality as the inferior race is forced to seclusion as a way to keep at bay any form of racism. This also explains why the black Americans are fond of living in the same neighborhood just as it is the case with the white community and does find themselves in a regular confrontation with all holding a strong belief as per their mindset. It is, therefore, hard to change such mindsets without ever investing a bit of effort and has thus persisted over time. As a result, most wars have also been influenced by hate just as it was in the past when slavery was common and to a great extent lead to a fight to reclaim dignity (Mackie, 1977).
Communities are also likely to find themselves in a dilemma when bad laws are also set with the intent of discriminating others thus only escalating the existing situation. It could as well become so difficult to bring such stop such encounter with each group being on the offensive in an attempt to fight for what they believe is right. This is also witnessed in countries such as America where the blacks are usually perceived negatively by a large population of the whites. It has persisted since l...
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