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Research Ethics Reflexive Response (Essay Sample)


For this assignment I would like you to consider and discuss three things in a reflexive way—that is, by
considering your own position as a researcher. As a starting point, you can either reflect on these
through the lens of a specific research question or topic, or you can reflect on your personal learning
journey regarding research ethics more generally. The best papers will make clear and explicit
references to and links between the course readings, the Indigenous Learning Bundle, and the CUREB
1) The importance of community and collaboration in the research process.
Some things you may want to consider are: Why are OCAP (ownership, control, possession,
access) principles important, and how have they changed research processes? What is the role
of respect, concern, and justice? What benefits could collaborative ownership or research give
to both the community and the researcher or academic field of study?
2) The ways researchers can recognize and minimize unequal power relationships.
Some things you may want to consider are: What is the importance of some ethical issues for a)
researchers, and b) participants? Why do we need to pay attention to vulnerability and risk of
harm? How would you know if you had recruited participants who were members of vulnerable
communities? Why is consent important, and how is this complicated by covert research (or
even deception)?
3) The impact of ethics on the qualitative research process as a whole.
Some things you may want to consider are: How can these principles be extended or applied to
many different kinds of qualitative research? Should all kinds of research follow these principles,
and why or why not? How have ethical considerations changed the way you would think about a
research question you are interested in?
Your assignments should be between 4-5 pages, excluding your title page and list of references. Format
your paper in 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, and include page
numbers. Cite all of your sources according to APA style. Your paper should be free of typos and
grammatical errors.


Research Ethics Reflexive Response
Student name
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Research Ethics Reflexive Response
It is necessary to deal with many subjects or participants for different investigations and information collecting throughout the research. This may result in a wide range of unique and complicated ethical or societal problems in the study field due to the research being conducted. Research ethics were developed out of a desire to safeguard the human subjects engaged in research studies. In research ethics, there are three goals to strive towards. The primary goal is to ensure the safety of human participants. The second goal is to guarantee that research is carried out beneficially to people or society as a whole, rather than just for its own sake. Another goal is to evaluate particular research activities and projects for their ethical soundness, considering problems such as risk management, confidentiality protection, and informed consent procedures (Reid, 2018). This paper provides my reflexive response on matters concerning the research ethics process. It starts by focusing on the importance of community collaboration in the research process, then later on recognizing and minimizing the research power relationships. Thater, the response finalizes by concentrating on the impact of the ethical research process.
The Importance of Community and Collaboration in the Research Process
When it comes to doing research, the community and the cooperation with the community are critical components of the process. It acknowledges the importance of society as a unit of identity. The community and the researcher's collaboration with the community are essential because they contribute to collective and personal identity. Among the features of the community include a sense of belonging and emotional connection to other members. Resouces and strengths are also built when the researcher and the community collaborate. Such collaborations tend to facilitate the indentity which later improves on the community problems addressed in the long run.
With community collaboration, the public or members of the society tend to take part in the research process. The process can address the issues that affect them, thus imo=proving the well-being of the community. They get shared controls that allow thep to share their problems, which the researcher will capture and analyze. Through the interpretation of the research, a massive pool of knowledge will be available for the future generation, thus bringing us an informed society full of intellects. Additionally, a co-learning and empowering process exists that allows for the reciprocal transmission of knowledge and skills and the development of capacity and power. Community collaboration research is a cyclical, iterative process that includes partnership development and maintenance, and action-taking, among other things. To effectively convey findings and knowledge to all stakeholders understandably and respectfully, community collaboration research seeks to identify the ownership of learning and communicate conclusions and knowledge to all partners.

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