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Top crimes in Saudi Arabia and Philadelphia, United States (Essay Sample)

<p>Comparison of crimes in Saudi Arabia and U.S.A</p> source..
Top crimes in Saudi Arabia and Philadelphia, United States
What is the relation between the top crimes committed in my country and those committed in other countries? This is a question one may ask in order to assess the statistics. The most common crime committed in Saudi Arabia is theft and trafficking of drugs while the most common in the United States is assault and property theft. The findings are based on statistics collected up to the period dated August 2013. The top crimes in Saudi Arabia are perpetrated by people who are facing hard economic times while the top crimes in the Philadelphia, United States of America are perpetrated by people having personal conflicts and facing hard economic times as well.
In Saudi Arabia, petty theft is most common especially in crowded places. Pickpockets are everywhere taking advantage of the concealment provided by congestion of people in bus terminals or train stations. People who need money to support themselves take to the streets to gather some money or gadgets which they sell hoping to make enough to support themselves. The society does not condone this crime and they often take measures in their hands if they catch the petty thieves. Drug trafficking is the second most common crime that thrives despite the tough laws imposed by the Saudi Arabian government. The lucrative nature of returns from drug trafficking is the main cause for participation in drug trafficking. The perpetrators are willing to risk for the purpose of obtaining the immense benefits. These reasons for the two crimes are not close in relation to the top crimes committed in Philadelphia, United States of America.
The most common crimes in Philadelphia are different from those in Saudi Arabia in terms of magnitude. Aggravated assault is widely reported across many areas of Philadelphia, United States of America affecting every 6 people in a population of 1000. Personal differences between family members, friends or people having a financial or any other personal attachment are the main reason why assault occurs. The society is trying to harmonize efforts to get rid of all forms of assault such as battery in homes located in the city of Philadelphia. Property theft comes second with perpetrators engaging in car theft or burglary. Just like thieves in Saudi Arabia, they hope to get money from their stolen items and support their lifestyles. Unlike petty thieves, there is much damage left by thieves in Philadelphia. Regardless of the magnitude of the top two crimes in the two countries, there is no justification whatsoever for breaking the law.
Despite people facing hard economic times in Saudi Arabia or wanting to get a lot of money through drug dealing, there are oth...
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