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Effects of stereotyping (Essay Sample)


In this paper, I discuss what stereotypes are, their effects on people, and examples of stereotypes I have encountered


In life, people find themselves guilty of many things. Stereotyping is among one of those things people are always guilty of doing. Stereotypes entails all the qualities assigned to a certain group of people related to their nationality, race, name, or sexual orientation. We all have been either the aggressor or victim of stereotyping at one time or another. The common stereotypes in many societies are based on occupation, ethnicity or gender. Stereotypes can be neutral, positive or negative. They can do harm even if they are neutral or positive. This is because all stereotypes are usually limiting and leave little to no room for individuality (Schneider, 2005). For instance, if a child belongs to a family, which is known for being highly intelligent, may find it difficult to continue with studies if his/her performance is poor. In this paper, I discuss what stereotypes are, their effects on people, and examples of stereotypes I have encountered.
Research has revealed that people usually perform poorly when they have a feeling that they are being stereotyped. This is because after facing negative prejudice, most people become hostile and they tend to lack self-control. They find it difficult to make rational decision and are more likely to over-indulge on unhealthy foods. Understanding the impacts of stereotypes, and how they came about is essential in eliminating stereotypes in different societies (Kemick, n.d.).
Effects of stereotyping
Effects of stereotyping are usually devastating. Stereotypes start with a spark but end with a consuming fire. Many people might fear showing up some of the aspects about themselves simply because of stereotyping that may ensue. Any person linked with a stereotyped group is normally looked upon in negative ways, which promote hatred and tension (Cook & Cusack, 2010). Children learn about these stereotypes and embrace them recklessly without any knowledge of how to judge a person’s values.
Types of stereotypes I have encountered in life
In life, I have encountered several stereotypes where in some I was a victim and others the aggressor. One of those stereotypes is the feeling that people who have not studied up to college level should not be allowed to lead or supervise college graduates. At one time, I was a victim of such a stereotype in a community based development project. I was selected to supervise one of the groups, as I appeared to be the most mature person among the group members. Since the group was composed of people who were both college and high school graduates, I had a difficult task controlling it simply because I was a high school graduate at that time. Such kind of stereotype leaves people devastated and they make them have a feeling that they are incapable of executing various tasks. People ought to be given an opportunity to do what they are best in, without being stereotyped. Some people can perform a certain task more better than people of a higher education level could. Therefore, people should be given equal chances to do what they are best in, without considering their educational backgrounds.
Another stereotype I have encountered in life involves the gender issue. Some people have the perception that some tasks are well accomplished if a man does them. For, instance, teaching mathematics in different institutions is normally done men. This is not because women are not able to execute the same task in the same way but it is because people have been infused with a sickened mentality that women are not good in mathematics. This perception has made most women to record poor performance in mathematics. Such a perception can be termed as misguided and should not be tolerated at all. People ought to be given equal chances in all what they do irrespective of their gender.
In another stereotype, I came to realize that people have a feeling that assigning a certain duty to a rich person is better than assigning an average earner. This in most cases involves le...
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