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Should Doping be Allowed in Competitive Sporting? (Essay Sample)


Topic: should doping be allowed in competitive sporting?
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Should Doping be Allowed in Competitive Sports?
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Should Doping be Allowed in Competitive Sports?
Doping in athletics competitions has become a common phenomenon in sports. The practice arises due to athletes' much desire to win marathons, some being pressured by their peers and even by the country they represent. Despite the risk of being banned from participating in sports and the health hazards brought by the drugs, some would still go for it. Despite the advantage of increased chances of winning the competition by those using it, doping should not be allowed in competitive sports due to its disadvantages, as discussed in this text.
First, doping comes with expenses and requires proper selection of the drug to respond well to enhance performance. According to Burnett (2016), results in competitions would favor those responsive to drugs and whose bodies are resistant to the negative impacts of the drugs. Therefore, this would require medical guidance and examination to properly select the drug that the body would respond to well. The cost brings unnecessary expense to the athlete, cutting off those not affording, leaving them uncompetitive.
Secondly, competition would be unfair in that advanced nations would have the advantage of producing better drugs than others for their athletes' use than others produce. Burnett (2016) explains, "countries like the US and China would have the resources and infrastructure to produce best performance enhancers for their athletes and maximize their safety when using them."
Athletes from such advanced nations would be in a better position than those from developing countries. Likewise, this might bring in more rules on the need to limit certain drugs for fair competitions, literally adding up restrictions to enforce in sports.
Thirdly, doping would add up the need to keep time and other conditions related to the respective drug use. Burnett (2016) explains that optimization of drug regime in terms of when to take the drug, how much, and even what drug to take is required. It takes effort to figure out what works well f

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