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Should we Install Surveillance Cameras Everywhere? (Essay Sample)


illustrate the role of closed circuit television (cctv) in enhancing safety and security. provide evidence that having surveillance cameras everywhere is proof of zero crime.
Use at least five (5) quality resources as references for the assignment and document your sources using MLA Style for in-text citations and references. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.
Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.


Should We Install Surveillance Cameras Everywhere
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Installing surveillance cameras outside is almost a fair game. Many immense structures, such as buildings, particularly in urban areas, have numerous surveillance cameras installed at nearly every corner (Minoli et al., 2019). These cameras provide safety because, when unexpected happens on the building, whether it is a robbery, or fall accident; there will be a recorded video of what was happening. However, in many parts, the right to privacy is not guaranteed while in public places. There is a usual assumption that everywhere on the street is customarily viewed as a place of public. Thus, there is no reason for storming a person’s secrecy hereunder-typical situations.
Nevertheless, when a surveillance camera focuses privately, a CCTV camera pointing into someone’s bedroom window will be a personal concern. Even though the camera is positioned outside, it cannot be intentionally located in invading an area where someone has a moderate confidentiality expectation (Hartzog & W, 2018). The aforementioned is factual when a surveillance camera has advanced power that allows it to have a view even via impediments. Besides, nobody can utilize a handheld or a transportable CCTV Camera everywhere to perform unimaginable doings such as looking up people’s dresses. Also, peer through openings and alternatively, go from a public place into a location that has secrecy.
There are several advantages of installing surveillance cameras everywhere because they help in deterring crimes (Fletcher et al., 2018). That is the most significant benefit of installing CCTV cameras everywhere. The moment they are installed, the positive impact is felt by society instantly. Whether they are placed discreetly or not, you will always feel a sense of security to your advantage. Whether the surveillance camera is installed at home or in a workstation will help prevent crime from happening. For instance, the mere sight of the surveillance camera staring back at criminal offenders or the sheer thought of being caught unaware is intimidating enough for troublemakers to be on their appropriate behavior. They will suspect that will detect their personality, and unauthorized operation will be detected easily.
Additionally, whenever you are undergoing problems related to burglary, punctuality, or work rate, your CCTV camera can give remedies (Dwyer & P. J, 2018). It helps safeguard your home place and office from becoming a target by people with ill intentions.
Another advantage of these cameras is that they are straightforward to work with security systems because they can be positioned anywhere provided there is a power supply. They are modified in various shapes and sizes. Some are even tiny enough to be hidden in photo frames, even in trees or flowers, and even in pictures. Depending on your target, you can buy either a mountable camera or the hidden CCTV camera.
They help in arriving at well-informed decisions. For instance, footages taken from security cameras will assist the owner in making an appropriate and just decision when resolving disputes either in domestic or as professional scenarios (De Waal et al., 2020). It can help in a system where you deal with a situation indulging misunderstandings within your family or between your clients and your service workers. To arrive at a wise decision that will remove your doubts, the help of a surveillance camera will be of great importance. In addition, to solve a fabricated claim made by your clients or any authority, the solution will have arrived at a supersonic speed with the use of a camera.
In conclusion, the advantages of installing surveillance cameras everywhere outweigh the adverse effects. With t

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