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Clinical Trial of Internet-Based Adolescent Depression Prevention (Essay Sample)


Subject: Psychology
Customer’s subject: Summary and Review
Topic: Randomized Clinical Trial of an Internet-Based Adolescent Depression Prevention Intervention in Primary Care
Type of work: Article Review
Level: Undergraduate
Number of pages: 1 pages
Grade: High Quality
Formatting style: APA
Language Style: English (U.S.)
Sources: 2

Using the article assigned and another scholarly source, review the nature and course of online intervention for teen depression.


Online Intervention
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Online Intervention
The concern of choice is adolescent depression and online management of teen depression. The article of choice is written by (Gladstone et al., 2020) and explores the CATCHIT approach, which involves Competent Adult Transition with Cognitive Humanistic and Interpersonal Teaching (CATCHIT). The authors developed a prototype that details the components of depression intervention among young adults.
The intervention model design is to be implemented in five sessions. The first step is characterized by two brief counseling sessions offered as primary care intervention for the patient. Each session lasts for fifteen (15) minutes and its purpose is to establish grounds for a therapeutic relationship. In the second step, the counselor introduces the teenager to the first web-based module. The third step involves four web-based learning modules. The modules draw from the cognitive-behavioral theory and focus on cognitive-behavioral aspects. The fourth step incorporates three web-based modules that offer skills for relationship building. In the final stage, modules focus on self-recognition and include evidence-based treatment to help the teenager deal with stigma and self-acceptance.
The protocol described was assessed and approved by the Johns Hopkins Joint Committee for clinical trials. Upon implementation, key outcomes were recorded, and variables were evaluated. According to (Gladstone et al., 2018), the creation of CATCHIT intervention was meant to intervene in depression and manage a history of depression among teenagers by creating a safe space where teenagers would explore their identity and develop various coping skills. Key strengths of the approach include readability and ease of understanding concepts. Often, teenagers find it helpful and acceptable for personal use. Key weaknesses include patient availability and the impact of undesirable outcomes such as social adjustment and dysfunctional thought patterns.

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