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The Situation of Air Pollution in China (Essay Sample)




Air Pollution in China
Air Pollution in China
Over the last century, issues of environmental pollution have attracted global attention due to the detrimental effects they are having on humans and the environment. Air pollution is of significant importance in China based on the high levels recorded in the country. China is ranked among the countries that record high levels of air pollution hence posing serious health hazards to its populations (Kan et al., 2009). China is a populous country located at the East Asian region. China is the largest in the Asian continent and has the largest recorded population in the world. In a recent population review conducted, it was estimated that China had a total population of 1.42 billion people. The country’s cultural practices have been practiced for thousands of years and passed down to new generations with less impact from outside foreign sources. The ability to isolate itself from the rest of the world has allowed China to flourish culturally. In the year 1949, a communist government was established in China which led the country to economic growth that has made it to be one of the most influential countries in the world. Beijing is the capital city of the People’s Republic along with being a cultural, communication, and economic hub of the country (Silbergeld et al., 2018).

Environmental pollution is of concern to the world based on the fact that humans are directly affected by these events. Air pollution to be precise has a far reaching effect which is as a result of humans depending on air for survival. Therefore, the pollution of air directly affects humans hence putting their lives at risk. Extensive air pollution has been known to cause long-lasting effects on the population if control measures are not put in place. Beijing being a business hub for China has been ranked as one of the cities that have recorded high amounts of air pollution (Hao, & Litao, 2005). These high levels of air pollution are as a result of industries, automobiles, and other human activities that are being carried within the city. This has ultimately placed the entire population of Beijing in danger due to the growing cases of air pollution experienced (Ye n.d). The same is experienced in 15 other countries around China which are also identified by recording the highest levels of air pollution. This therefore, places a large section of the country’s population at risk of developing health conditions that are related to air pollution. The increased air pollution in China is believed to be caused by the country’s significant economic growth that has led to increased industries and human activities.

The necessity of clean air is considered as a vital requirement for the entire population around the world. Clean air guarantees better health to the population while polluted air on the other hand results to a variety of health conditions affecting the affected populations. Various measures have been put in place by various countries around the world in reducing air pollution due to the effects it has on the populations. Some of the short-term effects that have been associated with air pollution have been an increased prevalence of pulmonary diseases, among other chronic conditions including stroke, lung cancer, asthma, ischemic heart disease among many others. In looking at the long-term effects, severe air pollution has been known to cause increased mortality and morbidity (Huang et al. 2018). In 2013, more than 1.22 million deaths were recorded in China as a result of air pollution (Institute of Physics, 2017). Therefore, based on the short and long term effects of air pollution, it is required that some control measures are put in place to ensure the safety of the population.

Over the past few years, the government has been taking various initiatives to curb the increasing cases of air pollution being experienced in China. There have been some improvements however the air pollution continues to take a toll on the people of China. Therefore, in order to significantly reduce air pollution, the government has to take strict measures that aim at any activity that increases the air pollution. One of the solutions is to implement a policy that will require all factories that uses coal to shift to alternative energy options. The use of coal in industries in China is among the leading causes of air pollution (The Beam, 2018). Based on the fact that manufacturing plants require energy to run and impact positively on the economy, this should be done in a manner that does not compromise the health of the people. Therefore, strict policies in the use of coal should be put in place which will see manufacturers found using coal as a source of energy heavily fined or even closed down. Another solution can be on the reduction of people from majorly populated areas. Human activities have often led to increased air pollution especially when concentrated in a smaller region. Therefore, governments should put in place policies that will see majority of people moving out of major cities hence significantly reducing the population and the air pollution. This can be achieved through rural developments and increased opportunities in other areas apart from major cities. The third recommendation is reducing use of motor vehicles and encouraging public transport among the city residents. In Beijing, more than 1200 cars are added on the road every day (Ye, n.d.). This ultimately increases air pollution through the combustion of fuel released by these vehicles. By reducing vehicles on the road, air pollution will also have been reduced. Another recommendation on reducing air pollution is based on setting up air filters around highly polluted regions. Air filters are mechanisms that are developed usually in form of high towers that suck in the polluted air filter it and release clean air to the atmosphere. The developing of these air filters mechanisms can be highly effective especially in highly populated regions where other mechanisms can present a challenge in implementing (Khodadad, & Sanei, 2017). By implementing these recommendations, there will be a significant improvement in air quality all around the country.

In conclusion, air pollution is a global concern based on the high mortality cases experienced annually. Several countries have put in place measures that are aimed at reducing the air pollution to ensure that they reach safety levels.

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