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Social Work Relevance (Essay Sample)


I was expected to watch "The Democratic Promise: Saul Alinsky and His Legacy".
After watching the video i had to:
Explain in ONLY 1 paragraph how you would use what you learned in this film to advocate for an issue of social work relevance. You can choose any issue that you are interested in.


Social Work Relevance
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Social Work Relevance
To advocate for an issue in social work relevance, I would use community organizing. In community organizing, power is defined as the ability to act and the strength necessary to bring about economic, social, and political reform. Also, it is defined as something that does not concede anything without a demand. Community organizing is a technique for long-term participation and empowerment and a tool for addressing specific concerns and challenges. Social workers can apply their skills to help people act together to bring about the changes they wish to see in their neighborhoods. Since social work is fundamentally political and hence all about power, caseworkers must grasp the impacts of power within their organizations. Social workers have a distinctive role in society, acting in the best interests of both service users and society as a whole. This frequently leads to conflicts between service consumers' and community programs' or public officials' loyalty. Although their legislative powers make them think they are unduly strong, social workers frequently admit to feeling weak when encountering service providers. The binary view of power is frequently alleviate

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