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Socioeconomic Status and its Influence (Essay Sample)


thE ESSAY EXAMINES WHAT socioeconomic status MEANS AND ITS INFLUENCE ON AN INDIVIDUAL. iT IS UNDERSTOOD THAT IT influences a person's access to behavioral health services AND enhances preferential access to behavioral health services. fURTHER COMMON VALUES ASSOCIATED WITH DIFFERENT socioeconomic groups INCLUDE strong ethic for cosmopolitanism, charity, desire for luxury products and desire for power AMONG THE high-class group , hard work, aspiration and ambition AMONG THE MIDDLE-CLASS AND democratic strength, family prestige and hedonism AMONG THE LOW-CLASS GROUP.


Influence of the Socioeconomic Status
Topic 7 DQ 1
Explain socioeconomic status. How do you think a person’s socioeconomic status influences his or her access to behavioral health services?
According to literature by Darin-Mattsson et al. (2017), there currently exist numerous determinants of health, and individuals' socioeconomic status is one of them. According to the latter authors, socioeconomic inequalities are to some extent attributed to the current health disparities. Basically, socioeconomic status (SES) can be defined as an individual's social class or standing within their community (Darin-Mattsson et al., 2017). Generally, the social standing of individuals is determined by considering an individual's income, education and occupation. However, socioeconomic status influences a person's access to behavioral health services by determining their affordability for these services depending on their income level (Darin-Mattsson et al., 2017). Lastly, the SES also enhances preferential access to behavioral health services, especially when one's occupation is close to the behavioral health department, affirming how a person’s socioeconomic status influences his or her access to behavioral health services.
Darin-Mattsson, A., Fors, S., & Kåreholt, I. (2017). Different indicators of socioeconomic status and their relative importance as determinants of health in old age. International Journal for Equity in Health, 16(173), 1-11.
Topic 7 DQ2
Identify three different socioeconomic groups and identify values that are associated with the different socioeconomic groups.
According to Lopez-Calva et al. (2016), there are three socioeconomic groups: high-class, middle-class, and low-class. The high-class group comprises individuals with high education levels, high income and good jobs, while the middle-class group is made up of individuals with average education and income levels and average jobs. Lastly, the low-class group comprises individuals with low education levels, low income and poor jobs. While the three socioeconomic groups have different val

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