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Student reflection. I realized nursing is not an easy course. (Essay Sample)


Reflection of student on their current courses


Student’s Reflection
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Reflective Journal Assignment
I realized nursing is not an easy course. It requires students to commit themselves to their studies and also accept to learn other things outside their course outline. There are a lot of issues and challenges that I encountered while I was learning. In every week, there are encounters and experience I learned during my study.
In Week 1
I was introduced to the course and I realized that it is not easy to define nursing. I thought that it is just caring about sick people physically. I could not imagine that it is not just preparing beds for the sick and ensuring that patients eat and take their drugs. I could not imagine that it goes beyond job. In the same week, I learned that nursing also require your emotion and psychology. I mean that sometimes you can wipe tear of bereaved people or share intimate moments with patients. Therefore I developed a strong feeling that nursing is guiding people on the path to wellness. I loved the way we were given the orientation and it made me love the course as a way of leading people towards their wellness.
In the second Week: Personal organization of your clinical tasks and responsibilities
In the second week, the tutor was very organized and made every student to enjoy the course. I was impressed on the way tutor organized their work. I believe it was the best way of ensuring that student learns practically and theoretically in class (American Nurses Association, 2010). I learned that nurses have responsibilities and duties different from what other clinical staffs do. They are required to provide acute care for patients and also ensure that they develop personal relationship with patients to increase healing.

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