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The Benefits of Water Aerobics (Essay Sample)


In this essay, I explain how water aerobics is of significance to human health, especially the elderly AND THOSE WHO ARE RECOVERING FROM INJURY. THE ESSAY EXPLAINS THE DYNAMICS OF WATER AEROBICS AND THE TYPES OF WORKOUTS IT ENTAILS AS WELL AS HOW IT BENEFITS HUMAN HEALTH and how it is easy even for people who have underlying health conditions.


The Benefits of Water Aerobics
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The Benefits of Water Aerobics
What does water aerobics do for the body? Exercising in water has been a vital substitute when routines need a shake-up or when in injury recovery. It is one of the most therapeutic activities in which one can participate, especially for people with joint problems. Water aerobics or aqua aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercises in water without swimming. Moreover, water exercising is a form of resistance training that usually requires participants to be in vertical positions with their waists deep in water (Olsen, 2019). Aqua aerobics can be a great way to improve one’s heart health and overall well-being as it encourages blood circulation, gives a good cardiovascular workout, strengthens the muscles throughout the body with little stress on the joints.
Water pressure aids in putting less strain on the heart by improving blood circulation in the body. Aqua aerobics exercises help lower resting heart blood pressure, especially in people suffering from hypertension, and help reduce systolic blood pressure in the elderly (Miller, 2017). Immersion in water helps an individual's blood to circulate efficiently through all body parts to help the heart maintain its productivity with minimal stress. Proper blood circulation lowers the resting heart rate, which reduces heart health risks in the long run (Sher, 2020). Efficient blood flow is vital for optimal health and the proper functioning of every body organ.
Water aerobics is good for cardiovascular health. Working out in water can enhance cardiovascular functions in everyone, including people with health problems. Aqua aerobics improves cardiovascular health and prevents heart diseases by helping to reduce harmful cholesterol in the bloodstream and improving cardiopulmonary function (Miller, 2017). Moreover, water aerobics help in burning calories, which lose and maintain a healthy weight. An individual can burn about 400 to 500 calories in an hour, depending on the kind of water aerobics (Sher, 2020). Cardiovascular fitness enhances the efficiency of the heart, blood vessels, and lungs, which reduces a person's probability of developing heart disease.
Working out against the push of water activates muscles and helps build strength. Participating in aqua aerobics can increase muscle function and improve muscle strength without unnecessary pressure on the joints. Furthermore, water aerobics helps avoid muscle pain in people who go through such discomfort when exercising (Miller, 2017). Water currents move in different directions, which creates a significant resistance that ensures the body muscles are properly exercised (Sher, 2020). The viscosity of water slows down movement due to high resistance, which makes aqua aerobics a great workout (Olsen, 2019). Consistent water aerobics, over time, increases an individual’s ability to perform physical activities with a reduced risk of muscular injury.
The low-impact nature of aqua aerobatics helps to take pressure off the joints during workouts. The buoyancy of water smoothens actions, keeping a low-impact, provides support to people with health issues, and enables people with all types of body sizes to have safe workout sessions (Olsen, 2019). Because the pressure on joints is reduced, people, particularly those with limited joint mobility, can perform w

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