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The Evolution Theory (Essay Sample)


This essay examines Darwin's theory of evolution and the underlying argument regarding the evolution of various life forms.


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Darwin’s evolution theory is based on the premise that all living creatures are descendants of a common ancestor and therefore related in one way or another. Darwin states that from birds, flowers, fish and plants, all these living this are as a result of the existence of one common ancestor. Darwin’s theory further states that the process of evolution was purely naturalistic (undirected) which implies that living things are presumably descendants with modifications. The term descendants with modifications imply that simple creatures (ancestors) evolved naturally over time to become some of the complex creatures that we see today. Through a process he termed as natural selection (Maynard, 1993), Darwin stated that random genetic mutations occurred in simple organism. During the mutation process, beneficial mutations are preserved to aid survival and hence passed onto the next generation of organism. This way, subsequent organisms were far more advanced and exhibited better adaptation qualities as compared to their ancestors. The accumulation of beneficial mutation is what gave rise to a new organism similar to the ancestor but more advanced.
In modern day science, "the theory of evolution has had tremendous impact regarding how living things came into existence" (Coyne, 2009). Despite the fact that Darwin’s evolution theory is widely viewed with criticism by the religious group, the scientific evidence provided suggest that indeed it is possible that living things evolved from lifeless matter to become the complex beings they are today. The evolution theory mainly involved observation of a controlled group in a controlled experiment that involved collecting observable evidence and subjecting the evidence collected to tests. The test results indicated that there is evidence that present day organisms have some anatomical similarities with some organisms that became extinct years ago. The extinction is believed to have been brought about by lack of adaptation to the changing atmosphere and environmental conditions. By comparing anatomies of modern day creatures and those that became extinct, Darwin came to the conclusion that most organisms have a common ancestry. However, this approach is only effective when comparing organism that have hard body parts.
The interesting thing about the evolution theory is that it goes contrary to what creationists believe. This is because Darwin’s evolution theory has split the world into two ideological groups, the creationists and the evolutionalists. The problem with the two ideological groups is that neither of them accepts the fact that it does not really matter where we came from. A strong believer of the evolution theory and t...
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