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How Economic And Social Forces As Well As Social Stratification Have Shaped The History Of The Western World Since The Industrial Revolution (Essay Sample)


The Task Needed The Writer To Write On How Economic And Social Forces As Well As Social Stratification Have Shaped The History Of The Western World Since The Industrial Revolution. The Sample Is On Vehicles Of Social Stratification.


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Social Stratification in the Western World
Industrialisation has been taking part in the world in the last three centuries and has led to so many changes. Some of the changes that are evident are the development of industries and the invention of different scientific equipment. This paper will be discussing the social and economic forces and how they have helped in shaping the history of the Western nations since the Industrial Revolution.
The industrial revolution took place between the 17th and 19th century. During this period, the rural societies, and the agrarian in both Europe and America became urban, before this period, manufacturing of different products was done in people’s homes by the use of simple handmade tools. Industrialisation marked a change in special-purpose powered machinery, mass production and factories. Both the textile and iron factories and steam engine development played a great role in making the Industrial Revolution occur. During this period, there was a significant improvement in the transport, banking, and communication systems. There were a variety of manufactured goods, and the standards of living were improved. Before the Industrial Revolution took place, people used to live in rural communities, and their lives existed around farming.
Britain was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution since it had great coal and iron deposits that were necessary for industrialisation. Britain was also stable economically and politically and was the leading colonial power in the world. Britain’s colonies were its primary source of raw materials and also a market for their manufactured goods. High demand for the British goods led to mechanisation of the industries so as to produce more.
Today, social stratification is evident as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Social stratification is the hierarchical division of the society according to class, caste, or rank. It can also be defined as the systematic unequal distribution of power, status, and wealth (Lenski, 2013). The technology and industrialisation of the higher income nations have hurt the predicament of the poorer countries in the world. The rich industrialisations has encouraged child labour, and horrible living conditions, since they get the benefit of material things. The industrialisation of the Western countries in the early 1800s was fast while that of the low-income states was slow. Today, the low and middle-class countries in the world are busy trying to catch up with the growth and development of the world powers. This has led to many families sending their children to do forced labour, and all they get is little pay.
There is gross sociological inequality that is demonstrated by the living standards of people in the world, and it is astounding. For instance, in the U.S, children spend most of their summer enjoying their life and watching television, swimming of playing computer games. On the other hand, children from low-income countries spend most of their time working in factories fo...
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