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Young People and illegal drugs (Essay Sample)


4 pages 5 sources APA deadline: 12hours topic:young people and illegal drugs paper details 1-write social issues research about this topic. 2- using 5 sources to write. on as a book and 4 as academic articles, 3- write as an international student

Young People and illegal drugs
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Young people may be learning about prohibited drugs through media, peers or family members. The use of illegal drugs is addictive. These uses of drugs affect a small population. The parents might not be able to know early of the use of the drug but can assist in livelihood in hindering of complications develop. The use of the drugs alcohol, tobacco, medicine, prescription drugs and others is often seen in the society (Engdahl, 2008). The causes of the use are misfortunes through accidents and violence and after a long period destroying of their bodies. The use of the drugs in the young to enjoying themselves, the feelings accompanied with the use of these drugs. The drugs can be found easily from their peers.
Peer pressures, revolt, unhappiness, comforting, raising their self-esteem, temporary reprieve to pain, boredom and because the older individuals are using the product. The short term effects are lacking clear behavior and security especially marijuana (Golub, 2005). The action raises the user of individuals' heart rate, memory, concentration, and produces a noticeably faster response time after smoking these drugs. The hormones dopamine followed by endorphins is released and this is associated with feelings of desire and recompense. There is the risk of overdose, crime participation. Mental diseases can occur due to use of drugs such as bhang or cannabis, intra-venous use cause harm to the individual. It affects schooling, relationship, and employment.
The use of the drugs starts at a young age. Several attempts for cognizance on the risks of use of drugs from medical practitioners, guidance, parents and tutors have been unsuccessful. Most of the drug users are collective, precipitous, threat takers and those looking for exploration. The drug users often undergo withdrawal when trying to break the pattern. Individuals who smoke tend to belief that the use of drugs to ease stress and is enhanced other than the outcome of the effects. In most of the countries drug use has been documented as one of the key causes of unavoidable illness, frailty and early death. The deaths can be stopped by quitting the habit. The use of drug use doesn't have the chance to live for more than seventy years because of the decrease in the worth of life.
The use of drugs especially smoking of tobacco smoke has more than four thousand substances. Most of the chemicals substances are hazardous. The use of drugs is often link to causes of cancer. Young people trying to quit use of drugs smoking is hard few individuals succeed to stop the habit on first try while others tend to attempt many times (McPherson et al, 2010). The nicotine chemical in some drugs makes an individual to be addicted. The addiction of tobacco is addictive as cocaine, cannabis or heroin.
Health risks occur in those that use the drugs heavily and persons using for a lengthier period it also affect the other users no one is exempt. The teenagers in the pattern of drugs use or chewing experience health issues that are addiction, in congested chest, catarrh and being wheezing, blocking of the lungs and upsurge in asthmatic bouts. Persons who start to use drugs at an early age are more likely to be affected severely than those who start later, and they are at greater risk of health penalties in adulthood. Those who living or workings with smokers and drug users often are pretentious this includes their young and older family members.
The consequence of smoking and drug use according to research is linked to many health problems. Many of the drug users have their bodies affected. The health effects connected with drug use is decreased with the quitting of the habit. The drug users are at additional danger for heart diseases, stroke and infection of the blood. Cardiovascular is sickness that causes most deaths. Smoking causes a main danger for cardiac arrest and can cause heart attack.
Atherosclerosis, formation of plaque and vascular disease is linked to smoking. This condition leads to pain on the leg, having concern in movement, decomposition and, eventually, loss of leg. Smoking of drugs and inhaling in the case of cocaine or heroin causes several forms of cancer this lung, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, kidney, bladder and cervix. Current warning connects smoking with some types of cancer in big intestine and other types of blood cancer. Lung cancer is the major cause of losses in smokers.
The fundamental link amid drug use and smoking with cancers of the pharynx, mouth, larynx, and esophagus has been documented for years. Use of smokeless tobacco also is the root of mouth cancer. The period and the amount of drug use raise the probabilities of getting ill. The combination of alcohol and drug use causes an increase the chances of contacting ailment. Young people who are drug users especially the smokers of tobacco often get gum and teeth disease.
Present reports offer solid suggestion of a link of drug use and bone disease, leading to bone fractures. The young and older persons have reduced bone thickness in lumbar backbone and hip. The corroboration of an association of eye cataracts and smokers is seen. The use of drugs affects the body bearing, in young individuals. The drug usage decrease the ability of the bodily functionality of the absorption of the body hence upsetting the maintenances of physical action, with cardiac appropriateness.
The drug use in the youth especially those that are pregnant affects the fetus that is the low natural encumbrance. Pregnanc...
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