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A New Venture on A cloud Technology Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Articulate entrepreneurial opportunities and challenges suggested by a large
technology shift such as cloud computing. (CLO1)
Assess the shifting industry and competitive landscape for IT systems
implementation. (CLO2)
Plan a transition for organizations to move from traditional corporate IT
infrastructure to a cloud-based one. (CLO3)
Evaluate enablers and barriers to the adoption of a new IT technology, including
organizational and political objections to technology adoption. (CLO4)
Identify ways to minimize the costs and maximize the agility of entrepreneurial IT
systems. (CLO4)
How do you expect Appirio's competitive business environment to change during
the next two to five years?


New Venture on a Cloud
Information Technology
Executive Summary
Purposefully this essay is about clarifying on the continuous shift in Information technology and its effects on the entrepreneurial and corporate world. Increasingly, it details on some of the major instances of technological advancements with cloud computing forming the baseline. Most of the information in this study was sorted through literature review of various articles and literature on the topic. By reviewing some of the literature it was found that shift in technology is a process that is not stopping any soon and it is changing the business environment in every aspect. Appirio case study, the main literature reviewed states that cloud computing is making the competitive environment of businesses a complex arena. Entrepreneurs, businesses and industries have no option but to use technological enablers and explore the numerous entrepreneurial opportunities. They should focus on handling the barriers and challenges to gain a competitive edge.

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