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Advantages and disadvantages of computers (Essay Sample)


an opinion essay on the advantages and disadvantages of computers.The instructions required one to write a minimum of 500 words opinion essay on the advantages and disadvantages of computers using Apa format,double spacing,times new roman font 12.Besides,the paper required a minimum of two scholarly sources.A plagiarism score of less than 3% was required and good grammar .


Advantages and disadvantages of computers
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In modern society, it is inevitable to be without computers. Computers' impact on our society is so huge, with almost every sector feeling the effect of computers. Computers are now almost becoming a basic need in our lives with the convenient tasks they help us accomplish. However, there exist divergent opinions on the benefits offered by computers. In my view, computers offer us many advantages by granting us access to various resources and information although, they also may contribute to some harm in our lives.
On the positive side, computers are beneficial in various aspects. First, we get useful information through the internet with the help of computer devices. The learning process in academic fields such as engineering and medicine is made much easier through the readily available information over the internet (Jain, 2018). Besides, information available on the internet can help us be updated and well conversed with what is happening around us and the rest of the world. Information is power, and the faster and easier computers help us gain access to information, the faster society grows and develops.
Second, computers have been applied in organizations in carrying out various organizational tasks. Computers have a higher speed and accuracy in carrying out tasks. Due to this, they are used in almost every organization to carry out tasks such as calculations and data storage. For instance, banks use computers in the maintenance of accounts and the management of financial transactions. Besides, through computers, services such as online banking came into effect (Maixé-Altés, 2019). Computer devices make it easier for customers to carry out various transactions without physically visiting stores, shops, and banks. In the process, a significant amount of time is saved, and congestion in service delivery centers is avoided.
Thirdly, computers have revolutionized communication. The world has been reduced into a global village, thanks to computers. It is now easy to communicate with friends and family members located in various places across the world within the shortest time possible. Compared to ancient communication, which was slow, computers can relay communication over a long distance almost in a blink of an eye. Last but not least, computers act as entertainment devices to refresh our minds and bodies through songs and healthy games.
On the negative side, however, computers have various drawbacks. First, there has been a lot of moral decay in society. The internet is full of negative and harmful content, such as pornographic materials, that has reduced morals, more so, to children and youths (Paulus et al.,2018). Also, harmful computer games make people engage in activities that harm others

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