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essay - Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. format: apa number of pages: 11 sources: 6-10 sources essay instructions: Introduction -with differences in the three types of reality view : literature review : opportunities involved in technology through Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. : The Use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality in the Healthcare : Negative Effects of these Technologies : The Future of these Technologies : source..
Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Student’s Name Due Date Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Introduction Augmented Reality (AR) can be discussed as indirect views or the direct vision of the environment in the physical world which, however, has been augmented by putting more information that is computer-generated (Carmigniani et al., 2011). AR can be considered as highly interactive, and also, it is registered in 3D. It puts together virtual and real objects. Augmented Reality focuses on making the life of the user easier. It puts the virtual information that is needed to the immediate surrounding that they are needed. It also puts the information into an indirect view of the physical environment. Virtual Reality is commonly known as highly interactive and multimedia that has been computer-based where an individual is made a participant in the computer-generated world (Onyesolu et al., 2011). The process involves simulation of the real environment which might be visually experienced in three dimensions. These dimensions include the depth, width and the height. It is a way in which the human or individuals visualize, interact and manipulate computers and extensive complex information. It is basically the artificial environment that has been made by computer software and hardware and given to the user in a mechanism in which they appear like a physical environment. Mixed Reality can be discussed as a highly interdisciplinary component that has an engagement in computer graphics, signal processing, wearable computing, user interfaces, mobile computing, computer vision, design of sensors and displays, and information visualization. Mixed Reality concepts have been applicable in a vast range of fields. Some of the fields that have used this technology include the offices, surgery, and the automotive industry. Literature Review One of the main fields where Augmented Reality has been used is in library settings. Research done had included at least 23 primary sources and showed that most of the utilized applications on the setting library included the reading materials. There was also gaming, tour, and promotion, as well as navigational. The application of Augmented Reality in reading materials was the main focus of the study as the other topics followed. Augmented Reality is used in libraries to complement the physical book and help in learning while providing several funs elements. One of these kinds of books is the Augmented Rare Book and Manuscript that is commonly used in specific libraries. The AR has solved many problems for the researcher and the students by making their work easier when searching for materials. The researcher and the students usually use the head-mounted display (HMD), which is capable of tracking a indicator to get the essential book. These individuals can get the content of these materials, just like the physical artifacts. The library workers and users, on the other hand, use the navigational application, which guides the users on how to move in the library. One of the Augmented Reality applications that were commonly used was ARLib. The application utilizes an ATK marker, which is a laptop that has been connected to the user. The application has the capability of guiding the user to places where they can search the book on various shelves. The gaming application from the Augmented Reality that was commonly found to be used during the study was the game-based AR library instruction system (GARLIS). It is a play that is commonly used in libraries to teach the students on various rules in the collection. The Ludwig II was an application that was utilized by the Bavarian State Library that would support an individual to get the directions. It used various features such as the cameras, the GPS, and the compass. Another application that was used in the library was the BSB explorer. The application had the capability that enabled a user to interact directly with the virtual object that has been augmented virtually (Yusoff et al., 2019). A study has shown that Augmented Reality technologies have been in use in industrial construction centers (Rankohi 2013). The literature that was accessed indicates that project managers and filed workers have the anxiety of applying the Augmented Reality technologies in the construction sites. Studies have also shown that industrial sites have also been using Augmented Reality technology. One of the applications in the technology that was being used was the HMDs. The NASA TLX is the application that was also used in the industrial field. The Augmented Reality has also been widely used in medicinal sciences, as various studies have established. Studies have shown that the technology is used phobia treatment, laparoscopic surgery, and various medical training fields (Dey et al., 2018). A study that was conducted shown that the use of Virtual Reality had increased in recent decades. It is mostly used in the engineering field, where the study has shown that 24% of articles described the use. The second field where the Virtual Reality applications were used is the field of computer science and also the field of astronomy. Other was the biological, geography, medicine, and nursing fields. The ARGO3D platform was an application that was used for learning on geo-hazards and the geological information. .These includes pieces of information like the learning about the crater of a volcano that is active. The students are able to circumnavigate into the field, take various pictures, and fly around (Radianti et al., 2020). Virtual Reality is also seen to be used in the education sector and specifically in adult training. It is used to study safely around many dangerous grounds. It has helped people to cope with their emotions as in the process of doing their experiments and get clear views when they are far from the actual dangers. In teaching Virtual Reality has been experienced to be applicable to the people who have disabilities (Freina 2015). There are studies that have been done to evaluate the use of the CAVE system in the process of educating infants who have mild autism. A paper that had been recorded showed that there was the application of smart glasses for sign language interpretation. The individuals using the platform need not move their heads during the experiment that was taking place. The HMD and the Immersive VR has been used in the education system as the literature review has been conducted. A literature review done by Berntsen indicated that the use of Virtual Reality Systems had been used in the health sector in the treatment fields of anxiety disorders and psychological illnesses. Virtual Reality has also been applied in the field of medical education as well as the forensic psychiatry (Berntsen et al., 2016). Some of the authors in the literature review have shown that they understand Mixed Reality as a definition of combined Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Speicher et al., 2019). An author in the study described all the games that associate physical to virtual Reality in meaningful mechanisms such as computers, databases, networks, and sensors as mixed realities (Speicher et al., 2019). Opportunities The AR/VR and MR technologies can be used to train workers. The opportunity is created in the following way. The only employees who have skills that are needed for their current and future careers are estimated to be 20% (Bharathy 2019). Therefore there is the need for the training departments in various firms to acknowledge that more training is done in order for a factory can remain or improve on a competing edge. Training is gone for the employees, but still, research shows that most employees are practical learners. They acquire 70% of their knowledge and skills when they are in experimental learning. So that to get the knowledge and the efficiency of like 20 years' experience, then there is the need to wait for at least 20years. One of the technologies that can be very significant to a factory is in the application of Virtual and Augmented Reality training techniques. It is a much smarter training model utilizing the immersive VR/AR modern technologies. The modern immersive technologies that can be used to make a digital replica of a certain physical counterpart might be made and use senses of the individual for simulation and make the mind believe it is real. The moment an individual has been teleported to the specific shop floor, they can interact with these types of machinery and get educated about things. They can learn a similar way they could learn in the learning by a practice period. The effectiveness of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has been contributed heavily by experiential learning (Bharathy 2019). The Use of AR, VR, and MR in the Healthcare Virtual Reality goggles are used by surgeons in daily operations. The uses of Virtual Reality have helped to save many lives in the world. These technologies are beneficial because they make the organs to be seen in a broader perspective. For instance, the uses of VR laparoscopic simulators have been categorized to be of high quality. They contain the real instruments and also the virtual operating field that is put on a screen and various display devices. These give the users the feedback as they do the operations. Some of them schedule the time for the users that are required to do a certain task. An example of this device is the Minimally Invasive Surgical Trainer-Virtual Reality gives them a three-dimensional environment where it trains a person. It is commonly used to educate on laparoscopic skills such as knot tying and suturing (Pantelidis et al., 2018). Other fields where VR and AR are used are teaching in the field of neurosurgery. The NeuroVR is considered as a neurosurgical educational program that offers training on tumor aspiration, hemostasis, and micro dissections. It is a good assessment tool. The trainer can be able to give haptic feedback ...
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