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Business Continuity Plans Essay. Technology Assignment (Essay Sample)


Assignment 1: Business Continuity Plan Report
Due Week 3 and worth 50 points
During your first week as a Senior Information Systems Security director, you met with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Security Officer (CSO). During the meeting, they revealed their deep concerns with the organization’s business continuity plans (BCP). Since you were previously responsible for BCPs for a large enterprise they are requesting that you review the company’s BCP staffing plans and training plans.
They would like you to provide a report with your findings and recommendations for corrective action.
Additionally, include why it is important to include legal representatives on the business continuity planning team and provide an example of laws or regulation the company should include to remain compliant.
While there is not a specific page requirement for this assignment, students are required to fully develop ideas and answer questions to the point that no further questions are left in the mind of the reader. If the instructor can clearly find the answers to their questions, the ideas within the report are fully developed. If there are unanswered or under-answered questions, further development of the report is required. 
Keep the following in mind:
• More words do not necessarily indicate more meaning.
• When an employee is tasked with a project in the workplace that requires a report, the report should fully answer all the questions needing to be answered. In this school environment, students are learning how to prepare such documents.
• Consider your audience. Although instructors are very knowledgeable on the subject matter, they need to verify that the student has absorbed the material through a written report. Students should therefore write to an audience of a co-worker or classmate who does not know the answers to the questions posed.
• For students who are more comfortable with more specific guidelines, ideas can generally be developed in one to three paragraphs. The goal of writing in this class is to demonstrate what you have learned.


Business Continuity Plans
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Business Continuity Plans
Business Continuity Plans (BCP) entails the process of developing a system of recovery and prevention from potential threats. It can enhance the ability of the organization and its staff to respond swiftly in case of a disaster by protecting assets reducing possible damages when a disaster strikes. BCP will involve offering a definition of risks that can hinder the organization’s operations (Olson & Anderson, 2016). In this regard, BCP will become part of the risk management strategy that is already established. Risks to be considered in the plan include common natural disasters such as cyclones, tsunami, floods, and fire.

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