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Countering Threats Facing Cloud Computing. Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


Countering Threats Facing Cloud Computing


Countering Threats Facing Cloud Computing
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The significance of Cloud computing has quickly gained popularity among organizations and individual computer and mobile devices users. Cloud computing facilitates convenient, ubiquitous, and quick retrieval of vast amounts of data by the requester. The primary goal of this technology is to ensure that data is securely stored and quickly retrieved on demand. Furthermore, cloud computing increases scalability collaboration, availability, agility, and the ability to minimize data storage costs through efficient and optimized computing. Before the advent of cloud computing, unethical hackers were stealing data from computer users hard-disks by dispatching a virus that would corrupt the computers then send the target data to the hacker's computer. To contain this, organizations turned to cloud computing. However, despite the numerous advantages of the technology, the data stored on the cloud by firms is still prone to hacking and other security threats. As technology grows, hackers are coming up with the latest ways of accessing such data for their reasons. Going by this discussion, this paper seeks to address the various mitigation measures that companies and organizations can use to counter threats facing cloud computing.

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