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Compare and contrast calling on a cell phone and a regular phone. (Essay Sample)


Comparison-Contrast Paragraph – must demonstrate mastery of the following in your paragraph; be sure that the depth (length) of your paragraph is sufficient to demonstrate these concepts. Topic: Compare and contrast calling on a cell phone and a regular phone. a. Topic Sentence – Be sure this is a general statement that identifies what you will compare and contrast. (10 points) b. Body Sentences – Be sure to select ideas and write sentences that clearly compare and contrast two persons, places, or things and that are definitely related to the topic sentence. The quality and relationship of these sentences will be evaluated. (30 points) c. Organization/Coherence – In comparison-contrast paragraphs, the organization of the sentences is very important. Be sure that you organize your paragraph in the best way possible Select transitions for your paragraph that demonstrate your understanding of the order. At a minimum, you must use three (3) transitions to demonstrate your understanding of this concept. Highlight these transitions in yellow. (30 points) d. Language Awareness: Your paragraph should demonstrate an awareness of language usage. For example, your writing should be exact, concise, and fresh. (10 points) e. Concluding Sentence: Be sure to complete your paragraph with a well-written concluding sentence. (10 points) f. Mechanics and Grammar – Be sure that you complete the final step of the writing process: proofreading. Your paragraph should definitely be free from sentence construction errors and should demonstrate correct use of verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, and pronoun use; in addition, it should be spell-checked. (10 points) /> Format requirements Writing Style APA (American Psychological Association)/> Note: To find detailed information on APA manuscript style guidelines on the Internet, go to Margins 1” all sides Paragraphs Single-space Double-space between paragraphs Indent first line of each paragraph Headings Bold Type Style and Size Times New Roman, 12 point Software MS Word

There is a wide range of differences between a cell phone and a regular landline phone. They both serve their purpose as communication devices and are all important in their own ways. On both, it is possible to access call forwarding services, voice mail, caller ID and other basic features. The regular home phone is connected to a land line and can only be used to make and receive calls at home or an office, since it is a fixed line. A cell phone on the other hand be carried anywhere by the user and remain useful. Through cell towers, it receives service and different cellphones have additional features and capabilities including camera, global positioning systems, music players and ability to access data to browse the internet with, send and receive emails and download applications for professional and personal use.
The downside to having a cell phone with these features. Unlike regular landline phones, cellphones are mobile and therefore work on stored charge power. The cell phone needs regular charging and at times may power off during a conversation. In contrast, a regular phone is doesn’t need regular charging thus more reliable. Cell phones lose service depending on the location or circumstances in which it is being used, while on the other hand a regular phone can endure a power outage, storms and other disasters, hence, cell phones are not as reliable as they are perceived. Finding the location of a cellphone takes longer than finding the location of a regular landline phone, therefore, in the case of a disaster, landlines tend provide a better way to call for help.
Many cellphones require service contracts when it comes to cost. The costs of using a cell phone are much higher in comparison with those of using a regular land line phone. In many cases, with a cellphone, the use of services like data, global positioning systems, music players and other subscription services makes it more costly. This is because the user pays for these services. Cell phone services bill for and equipment, activation, text messages and data. Moving around with a cell phone while traveling between states or countries can also result in expensive charges.
Landline phone usually do not come with a service contract. Most landlines have low, single fl...
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