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The Most Important Scientific Discovery by Mankind (Essay Sample)


The task was to find out the most important scientific discovery so far. The paper is about the power of electricity, which is credited with the contemporary revolution in the industrial, security, economical, social, and other sectors.


The Most Important Scientific Discovery by Mankind
The Most Important Scientific Discovery by Mankind.
The world witnessed its most valuable discovery that revolutionized the scientific field completely when Michael Faraday developed the concept of electromagnetism. His discovery paved the way for further research on the idea, which culminated in the electricity that is under use across the continents. Faraday did a lot of experiments and realized that putting magnets into states of motion led to the development of other forces. He took his experiments to advanced levels in order to discover the nature of the forces produced when magnets move. The experimentations involved the use of copper wires that he had coiled. This saw the movement of current through the conducting materials. Advanced studies enabled the development of big dynamos with the ability to generate a lot of electricity (Jain, 2004, p. 89).
Michael Faraday was born on the 22nd of September of the year 1971. He was a scientist who carried out numerous experiments in the wider discipline of Physics. Faraday researched on how magnets can be useful in the betterment of the world. Through his experiments, he realized that the production of current was possible when a copper material in the form of a coil broke any magnetic field. This encouraged him to develop a dynamo in order to prove the reality of his new idea. The device worked according to his expectations, and he started sensitizing other scientists on the concept. There was the development of an advanced dynamo that made it easy to generate power in large voltages (Oxlade, 2009, p. 156).
Electricity plays an integral role in industries. All the machines used in the manufacturing units require electricity. The products produced act as sources of revenue for the respective governments. This is because the political administration relies on taxes paid by the industries. The money is only payable when there is profit, which electricity remains one of the key determinants. The industries also offer employment to individuals within the areas and enable them to make some income. This puts the workers in positions to afford comfortable lifestyles. Apart from the industries, private enterprises and other small investment units also rely on power in order to succeed in their activities. These businesses provide the owners with jobs in the form of self-employment (Brackett, 2012, p. 122). Without electricity, governments would see their revenue drop with a big margin and so many people would be rendered jobless.
There have been significant security improvements in the world as a result of electricity. There were many cases of crime before electric power was put into large-scale use. Some places were impassable because criminal gangs used to stand in strategic positions, waiting to attack people who dared to walk in the late hours of the nights. Street lamps, which cannot work without electricity, reversed the trend. The discovery of electricity also led to the development of satellite communication gadgets. It is now possible to record all security occurrences, and the criminals tracked. People can also walk freely in the...
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