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Database Trends: Oil & Gas Exploration and Production (Essay Sample)


This article is a presentation of some of the applications of the database trends technology by actual ventures such as Autodesk as well as Oil & Gas Exploration and Production


Database Trends
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Database Trends
Big organizations have large-scale commercial operations that entail the storage and functioning of large data. Notably, information is a critical component of any given team and should be stored responsibly to avoid loss and access by inappropriate personnel (Assunção et al., 2015). Therefore, the database trends come in handy during the inter-transfer and management of information. Some of the important industries that integrate data management and exchange trends include the energy, manufacturing, environment protecting agencies and the IT sector. This article is a presentation of some of the applications of the technology by actual ventures such as Autodesk as well as Oil & Gas Exploration and Production.
The US Gas and Oil Company is among the primary beneficiaries of implementing the strategy. The trends help the business to realize its expenditure on compressed data and information exchange. Moreover, they lower the cost involved in the replacement of software with better functionalities. The Gas and Oil Company utilizes the trends in the course of transferring different data formats like the XML, WITSML, and PRODML (Holdaway, 2014). As such, data exchange and management introduce numerous options for optimization and automation for the entity to execute and provide excellent commercial activities as a way of realizing its core business of availing vast energy resources to the globe. It is easy to implement data exchange by the use of engrained APIs since some of the apparatuses possess the inbuilt capacity to avail features that can facilitate the initiative (Holdaway, 2014).
Autodesk, on the other hand, is a firm that deals with software as well as 3D design and deploys data transfer as well as management to foster effective alliances amongst businesses by creating an easy way of managing large data. The company integrates various data formats such as GML, Land XML, ODBC and GBXML among others during data exchange (Assunção et al., 2015). Besides, Autodesk incorporates the trends in construction, engineering and architectural sectors by the help of CAD tools and software. With the technology, data sharing is easier since Autodesk operates large amounts of data. Besides, the cost involved is significantly small, and the CADs facilitate secure data exchange using their embedded data transfer features.
To sum up, the Data Management and Data Exc...
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