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Digital Forensics (Essay Sample)

In 1 page, define digital forensics and state its importance in the modern world. Talk about its application in various fields, including the education sector and the judicial system, among other areas. Focus on both advantages and disadvantages of digital forensics. Use APA format and cite at least 2 sources. source..
Digital Forensics Name of the Student Institutional Affiliation Course Date Digital Forensics Digital forensics is an integral part of investigations in the contemporary world. With the continued rise in the technological front, there is a need to adapt to the new trends by encouraging innovation in the judicial system, among other areas. According to Arnes (2017), digital forensics can be described as the process of using computer evidence in the extraction, preservation, analysis, and documentation of data that can be used in the court of law in the administration of justice. Often, electronic media is relied upon to provide relevant information. For improved investigation processes, technology is integrated to help provide crucial evidence to be used in the courts of law. Noteworthily, digital forensics is essential in collecting information that may be difficult to get through the paperwork, which has been used for quite a long time since the inception of the justice system. This implies that courts ought to rely on digital forensics, especially when it comes to cases that seem to be difficult to handle. In this regard, computers, networks, and servers are instrumental tools in providing hidden pieces of evidence, which are very important in making a fair judgment (Harbawi & Varol, 2016). Advancing education in digital forensics is very imperative in the contemporary world. The evolving technology has both benefits and disadvantages. For instance, criminals rely on new techniques to conduct their activities. They use sophisticated ideas and gargets in arranging and executing their crimes. As such, the only way to combat this is by learning advanced technological strategies for dete...
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