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Disruptive innovation Technology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


the paper is discussing as selected change in technology and its effects on the market


Disruptive innovation in ride-sharing services
Disruptive innovation refers to the creation of a new valuable market which eventually disrupts an existing market and value network. Such innovation replaces the systems and habits of a market it replaces because it contains recognizably superior attributes. Technology continues to change lives in various ways, considering the resources that used to be difficult to access, become readily available (Christensen & McDonald, 2015). Coming up with new or advanced technology may displace established market leaders and alliances. Nevertheless, technology keeps improving. Ride-sharing has become a poster child for disruptive innovation which has been introduced in more than five continents and working efficiently.
Ride-sharing services practical example is Uber, which has quickly replaced the traditional taxi business due to the implementation of advanced technology in service delivery. Data recording is a new feature introduced by Uber and ensure the security of clients during the ride. Uber has significantly impacted on the market as it has generated more employment opportunities compared to harming employment since it has provided a field for self-employment (Elliott, 2015). 

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