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IT and Machines Technology Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Role of Machine Learning in Handling Insider Threats


Role of Machine Learning in Handling Insider Threats
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In the current business environment, organizations face many risks. There are risks that exist both outside and inside the organizations. Although most companies concentrate on outside threats, the threats from inside the organization have the ability to cause a lot of harm to the organization because they come from people knowledgeable about the systems in an organization. An insider threat is, therefore, a security risk within a given organization, which originates from the organization. It mostly looks at the threat posed by employees and managers in a company to the security of the organization. The insider threat does not always come from people currently in the organization but can come from former individuals in the organization and other people such as suppliers who have had access in the past to the organization and know about all the security measures and aspects of the organization. An insider threat usually exists within the organization because in most cases, establishments do not concentrate on the threats that come from their employees and focus most of their security resources on outside threats, which make it easier for insider threats to occur (Hunker, & Probst, 2011).

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