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Donnie Darko Technology Movie Review Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Donnie Darko Movie Review
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Richard Kelly in 2001 directed and wrote the Donnie Darko film; it’s basically a science fiction movie.. This is one of the films which provide viewers a hard type of material which promotes them to think even harder. The main character is a teenager Donnie Dark who suffers from sleep walking and this appears as delusions.
Donnie a young boy have a history of getting into problems and fights with his family members. During the night when Donnie slept in his bed he woke up somewhere else out of his room such as on top of mountains or in the golf course. Donnie is put in a paranoid schizophrenia therapy.
When the movie begins Donnie parents find out that he had stopped taking medications for the disorder which he was suffering. The hallucinations which Donnie was having were induced by excessive dopamine in the brain Carey (2008). One of the issues that Donnie suffers from is that he believes that he is being watched by a bunny.
Because the bunny talks to Donnie every time telling him of terrible things, he believes that the world will come to an end at a specific time. This worries Donnie and makes him to be sparked with curiosity, which is an aspect that every other teenager worries in their life time.
One day at night Donnie he does what he used to do when he got in bed to sleep. He is told by Frank to follow him into the future and he follows him, when he returns home he gets police officers and fire fighters surrounding his street. He realizes that when he was away that night a piece of air craft fell on his room and if he was inside the room that night it would have killed him right away.
Donnie tells his therapist about Frank after this event, how he used to talk to him about terrible things about the future on how the world will come to an end. Donnie’s therapist decides to try hypno therapy which could help him.
After Frank asked Donnie if he believed in the time travel, Donnie goes to school and asks his teacher about the same idea. Donnie’s teacher explains to h...
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