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Network Engineering: Comprehensive Setup Of A System (Essay Sample)


the assignment mainly involved creating a network structure through the use of the most essential appliances .


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First, it is essential to appreciate that networks facilitate the connection of various computer appliances to one another. Armed with this knowledge, this paper will present a comprehensive setup of a system by utilizing separate parts of network apparatus and elements. In the end, the network will include or will be comprised of various appliances such as routers, firewalls, servers, switches and workstations as needed.
Appliances that will be utilized for the network
The network appliances that will be used in creating the network structure will be;
Router: A Router is a gadget that is utilized to link a pair of networks. The router will be used to redirect and forward units of data along the network. The router model that will be used to create the system will be a Cisco 2951 model.
Switches: According to Lammle (2011), a switch is a gadget that joins appliances within the network. Switches bring into play a method of data communication wherein a message is broken into numerous parts which are relayed separately, over any route that is optimal for each packet and reconstructed at the destination Cisco SF/90-24 will be utilized within the network.
Server: A server is a structure that modulates the network. Typically all customer access, safety and information retention of retrievable data are all executed by the server. To ensure the efficient operation of the network, red hat Linux will be the best option for a server terminal since it is protected and fast taking into account that speed is crucial for such a network. What’s more, it is a complex operating system which means that it is hard to alter or gain unauthorized access to data. Furthermore, the network manager will be the only individual with access to operating on these systems.
Worker terminal: windows 7 will be used within the worker terminals. This is because windows 7 has favorable customer programs which means that individuals with less knowledge of computers can navigate without much trouble.
Firewall: A Firewall will be used to safeguard or protect the network from viruses, software designed to disrupt, damage, or gain authorized access to the computer system and hackers According to Nikolaidis (2004), if a firewall is not linked, then a network will be vulnerable to attempts by hackers to damage or destroy the computer network or system. The firewall which we will be used to create the network will be an ASA 5505/ Security plus firewall.
IP Address: the word IP address symbolizes Internet Protocol address (IP). It is an arithmetic indicator which, is assigned to all appliances which will be part of the computer network. Notably, there are two designs or types of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) that are utilized at present. To create this network version, IPv4 will be used.
Choice of appliances and basic configuration
To set up the network structure, star topology as well as high security elements will be used. As mentioned above, a firewall will be used to reinforce security within the network.
Basic layout of the network: to set up the network structure the following devices we will be used:

Model No.

No. of appliances


Cisco SF90-24 PORT



Cisco 2951



Windows 7



Windows 7



ASA 5505



Red hat Linux


IP addresses
IP addresses will be allocated to the appliances with the aim of linking to a computer network. All the divisions will be separated into different sets to simplify the network. The IP addresses will be provided as follows:

vary from

vary to

Engineering division

Accounts and Finance section

Information Technology section

Server Range (Proxy and FTP)

Gateway Internet Protocol

Effect that every configuration has on the safety of the whole network
Firewall security: a firewall has been used for securing the network from attempts by hackers to damage or destroy the computer network or system. It is worth noting that a network will be susceptible to cyber attacks if an active firewall is not used.
Linux supported Server: Linux supported servers are well-known for their safety characteristics. What’s more, since Linux is a command server it is not vulnerable viruses. Furthermore, it has an internal firewall that provides extra security to the network.
Proxy Servers: these have been used in the network since proxy servers are known to provide safe internet accessibility to customers. Therefore, clients will only be able to access websites that are sanctioned by the proxy servers.
Switches: The network is comprised of 4 switches since they will be able to provide IP addresses in groups to various sections.
Router: A router is a significant resource within the network since it links the network structure to the internet. A router within this structure operates as an overpass linking the internet and the network. Furthermore, it offers safe connectivity to the network.
Human Resources: Aside from networking sources employees are essential assets. It is worth noting that the network cannot be set up exclusive of the network team. These are the individuals who will set up the network and decide about the securities and accessibility provided to various sections. Notably, the network structure is not complete until it is in a position to be managed and supervised by the network team.
IP Address configuration: VLSM has been used within the network since it is unrestricted addressing. According to Beasley and Nilkaew (2013), this will aid in safeguarding IP addresses from wastage.
Safety attributes for every appliance, including appliances in the network diagram
As stated above the network is linked to the internet with the help of a Cisco router. The router is linked to all the 4 switches although a firewall is set up amid the routers and switches to safeguard the network from differen...
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