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Emirates Airline Application (Essay Sample)


12 sources quantitative or a qualitative research (your choice) about \"Introducing an Iphone Application for Emirates Airline that allow passengers to make their booking and much more services\", overcoming conventional ways of booking and \"How would this benefit Emirates airline and its customers\" by enhancing their experience, saving money ...etc. Kindly include a list of features in the application and Please make a mention of other airlines which have a similar application concept already used (ex. Singapore, air china, air france, british airways). You may find examples of features on Apple Store by typing the name of some of the given airlines examples and you may expand as much as you want with regards to the benefits). One of the services to be included is the Emirates Frequent flyer program called Skywards. Following structure should be followed for the research paper. Step 1 Identify the problem or question you want to address in your research project. Step 2 Literature review Step 3 Proposed Hypotheses Step 4 Research methodology used to gather data to analyze the problem Step 5 Critical Analysis of the data gathered Step 6 Limitations of the study Step 7 Conclusions of your findings Step 8 Recommendations Step 9 References The structure of the paper should encompass the following headings and guideline for word limits: Abstract: It constitute the summary of your research findings and conclusions (400-600 words) Introduction: History of the industry and background information of the organization this section can be combined with the literature review: (1000 words) Research method used and its rationale: ( 350 words) Data/Findings (400 words) Conclusions and Limitation of your findings: (400 words) Recommendations: (150 words) References (should contain at least 10 references)


[Date of Submission]
The research examines the history of the air transport industry. A brief look at the airline industry history is conducted from the invention of the air plane in the early 20th century, to the initiation of commercial air transport in the middle of the century. Ways by which logistics were conducted and their gradual progress are also mentioned. The history is examined up to the current state of the airlines industry, where computer technology and mobile telephony is having a great influence over it and many other industries.
A brief study of the Emirates Airlines Company is conducted. It incorporates the history of the company from when it only had two aircraft, up until now, when it boasts hundreds of aircraft that fly on global scale. Methods by which the research about the suitability of the iPhone application is conducted are also included. The data collection method used is discussed. Data collection mainly involves studying existing application, reviewing users’ experiences with the applications and evaluating whether the application served their purpose. This later helps with the conclusions on how to come up with a suitable application for Emirates Airlines.
This research will evaluate whether and how introducing an iPhone application for Emirates airlines would benefit Emirates Airline. The study places the variables of efficiency, cost, user friendliness and feature integration to measure up the suitability of iPhone application for booking flights and other services over or alongside conventional means of conducting these activities. This research goes ahead and looks into iPhone application efficiency and reputation as already designed and installed for other airlines. Ways by which the good features of already existing applications can be incorporated, whilst avoiding and solving the functional deficiencies are also looked into.
Key Words
Application, Technology, Computer Software, iPhone
Air travel has emerged to be a crucial transportation method for people and products. Since the invention of the aircraft, travel methods have been revolutionized. People depend on air travel both as a method of transport and as a way of making a living.
Technology has become an integral part of the airline industry over the years. From the formative years of clients having to visit the airline offices to conduct a flight booking, to the current use of internet technology, the airline industry logistics model continues to evolve. Most airline companies today use websites to effect the ticket booking procedure. Conventional booking, ticketing and service request methods employed by most of these airline companies include call centers, sales offices and airport sales counter, authorized travel agents, mobile booking or online booking. The most advanced method employed would be the online booking method where a client would have to access the booking porter from an internet enabled device like a computer. He or she would then search the online system for travel packages that fit his or her preferences, select the package he needs, Login to the system then pay for the package. After payment is made, the flight itinerary would be sent to the client’s email.
However, airline industries are now delving into the world of mobile applications to provide more custom-made and better accessible solutions. With Mobile Applications, clients can be able to perform inquiries, searches, bookings, among other activities involving airline industry services. All this activity is conducted from the comfort of the client’s hand held device, in this case a mobile phone. IPhone applications have become the trend in the airline industry, with companies coming up with their own and updating them every now and then. The rate at which these companies are adopting the technology may be an indicator to testimonials from companies that are already using it. Integration of technology in the form of iPhone application to improve service delivery therefore is an interesting trend and this study tries to ascertain whether such technology would be suitable for Emirates Airlines.
Emirates Airlines Background Information
Emirates Airlines first flew its first planes on 25th October 1986. Then, it only had two aircraft, one leased. On their official website, they say, their goal then was quality, not quantity. Emirates has since become an internationally visible player in air transport. It is wholly owned by the government of Dubai, which considers it an independent business entity. The first three years didn’t see the company make profits, but since, it has been recording profits each and every year. The airline comprises an airline IT developer, a destination management and leisure division and an international cargo division.
The airline boasts a fleet of more than 190 aircraft and flies to more than 120 destinations in more than 70 countries of the world, according to their website. 40 % of flights movement in and out of Dubai International Airport are attributed to the airline. The airline announced a 58 aircraft order, the largest in the air transport industry. In 2005, they ordered a further 42 Aircraft worth Dsh.35.7 billion from Boeing. Their fleet continues to expand rapidly. Emirates airlines continues to pride itself in the ability to offer quality services to many clients and continues to grow annually.
Literature Review
What is technology?
According to oxford online dictionary, technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes especially in industry. It helps industries reduce the amount of money, time and effort spent on specific tasks the technology is designed for.
Technology is the application of science to solve a problem or meet a goal. It is the application of scientific knowledge to come up with tools and equipment to enable one perform a task with ease (Kubesh, McNeil, Bellotto, 2009).
Application Software
Application software are computer coded instructions that enable people perform specific tasks using computer machines or other devices. Such tasks may be word processing, printing or gaming, among others (Morley & C.S Parker, 2009). Initially, Application software were designed on and for computers mostly. Applications were designed to run on computer machines. In the recent past, computer programmers began developing application software for use on other electronic devices. The mobile telephony industry has revolutionized the alternative platforms for application software deployment. A lot of applications, abbreviated as Apps are being designed and installed on multiple deices like computers, internet or mobile phones for different functions such as social media functionalities, messaging, Location positioning and security. This paper will examine how Emirates airlines would overcome conventional booking challenges by introducing a booking iPhone application and how it would enhance customer experience.
Chapter 3: The Process of Research:
Research method
This study will employ quantitative methodology. Quantitative method includes naturalistic and interpretive approaches to research. Qualitative research attempts to study phenomena in their natural settings whilst attempting to interpret those phenomena in relation to the meanings people bring to them (Ariola et al 2006). Various materials are used for qualitative methods and they include visual texts, interaction, observation, interviews and life experiences.
This research endeavors to explore how introducing an iPhone application would benefit Emirates Airlines, financially, logistically and in other aspects and also how it would help the customers by enhancing their experience, helping them save on costs and other aspects. With respect to culture, people’s views are better understood using a qualitative method rather than using a quantitative method. Qualitative method explains people’s expressions in descriptive text format.
Sampling and data Collection
This study will employ journal survey of existing online documents containing user experiences in relation to the question at hand. It studies airline perspectives and opinions on the use of iPhone applications and booking systems for air travel among other technologies. It will also survey the benefits gained by Airline companies that have already implemented online booking systems supported on iPhone.
An array of the product of which suitability is being studied already exist in the market and the best way to gauge people’s experiences with the product is by accessing documents that journal comments, experiences and opinion they have.
Rationale of the choice of the method used
This research will be based on grounded theory research method which is quite flexible and varied. All this data sources are qualitative, and the use of qualitative data fits well with the inductive process of grounded theory research. It is also significant to note that the use of grounded theory research method implies overlapping data collection and analysis. Grounded theory research method’s main aim is theory building. Second, as a general rule, researchers should make sure that they have no preconceived theoretical ideas before starting their research. Third, "analysis and conceptualization are engendered through the core process of constant comparison, where every slice of data is compared with all existing concepts and constructs, to see if it enriches an already existing category (by adding to or enhancing its properties), forms a new one or points to a new relation and fourth, slices of data of all kinds are selected by a process of theoretical sampling, where researchers decide, on analytical rounds, where to sample from next" (Glaser 2004, p. 20).
Data ...
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