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How An Integrated ERP System Enables Organizations To Maximize Its Responsiveness To Customers' Needs (Essay Sample)


How an integrated ERP system enables organizations to maximize its responsiveness to customers' needs.


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How an integrated ERP system enables organizations to maximize its responsiveness to customers’ needs
ERP can help an organization to improve their customer service. The current ERP systems are developed to assist organizations in delivering an excellent product, when promised and at fair price. Though there are various distinct ERP systems, all of them function in a similar way and are developed to offer all the functions that distribution or manufacturing firm requires to operate the enterprise in a distinct, integrated package. The common catalog of functions found in an ERP system are classic plan, source, deliver, and make functionality. The latest ERP systems incorporate sell, account, design and assess functionality and others have functions like post-delivery customer support (Made2Manage Advanced Scheduling Demo, 2013). The effective functionality enabled by ERP system results to an improvement in quality, minimization of expenses and more precise delivery promises all of which translate to improved customer service.
How an integrated ERP system enables organizations to optimize its resource management
Organizations can utilize ERP to sustain a complete list of produce, workers, post job opportunities, follow performance metrics, and restructure payment. The system also integrates central business operations in real time, making management of data efficient and simple. ERP greatly minimizes duration spent on operations associated to human resource, thus it is vital for any organization. Also, managers can utilize ERP to develop human resource planning suitably. ERP system helps HR manager’s decision making by stimulating comparison of data and performance of human resource planning.
How an integrated ERP system enables organizations to maximize the profitability of production
The attained increase in efficiency, the reduction in duplicate operations and decreased errors help an organization to minimize business expenses. ERP also standardizes profit level of an organization since it enables employees from all departments to operate with same program which is standard. Additionally, it assists the workers to assess the processes or the approach of making of every department that result to evaluation of the process and the resultant improvement (Manufacturing ERP Software - Discrete Manufacturing ERP - Made2Manage ERP, n.d.). Essentially, it assists to define appropriate practices in the workplace. ERP enables organizations to grow their profits both in short-term and long-term. The system helps an organization to have a more methodical and less agonizing growth. Growth in an organization can be problematic since it develops tension all over the structure. Having a clear reputation of an organization at a particular time on a screen, the managers can effortlessly identify the weak areas of an organization or impracticable growth ought to be strengthened. Reduction of cost by ERP is from...
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