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Architecture Precis, Logistics: The First with the Most (Essay Sample)


The Effect Logistics Have On Architecture And Design 


Architecture Precis
TIME \@ "MMMM d, yyyy" March 27, 2018
Architecture Precis
Logistics: The First with the Most
Logistics has become an essential part of management and has had an impact on architecture. Efficiency in this new branch of management has meant that the microelements affect the macro form of how buildings are designed. This is necessary so as to be able to utilize the available area in the most efficient manner possible. Combining this aspect with time makes logistics the science of making the best use of both space and time. As an example, Lecavalier discusses the one place where logistics are of paramount importance – the armed forces. From weaponry, clothes, and food, to human resources, the logistical issues and challenges of an armed conflict are more than enough to parallel and even surpass those faced by the biggest global corporation. It has become even more critical in recent times as warfare has moved from unplanned fights to strategic plans. Where the generals decide how many men and what resources should be deployed at the front, it is the science of logistics that ensures that such a deployment happens. Moreover, it ensures that such a force is capable of fighting as per the strategy.
Typical logistical plans for the movement of troops and equipment look at the topography of the territory involved. They also have to keep in mind that the objective is to analyze as well as control the region that is involved in the operation. In that sense, it includes both technical details as well as legal issues. The warehouses, depots and other infrastructure that needs to be developed utilizes architecture to allow for constructions that are most efficient.
Proper logistical planning not only provides efficiency but also for preparedness in the face of the unexpected. By being aware of the issues at the supply chain level, it allows for a certain level of foresight which can take care of any deviations. The most efficient of such operations are still bound by friction. As Lecavalier puts it, this friction is the physical restraint on the speed with movement, whether of troops or equipment, can take place. Thus, in the case of the military, logistics takes over a territory and transforms it in terms of the process, as well as the infrastructure that is created.[Jesse LeCavalier. The Rule Of Logistics (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press,2010), 36]
In the corporate world, the bottom line is dependent on turnover, which is effectively an outcome of logistics. Le cavalier provides real estate as an example, where the mantra for success is location. Similarly, for a business like Walmart, it is necessary to be present at a site where they can be available to the maximum number of customers. The locations are decided strategically so as to be able to reach the maximum potential customer base while not cannibalizing internally on other Walmart locations. With the advent of technology, businesses can simulate locations and pre-judge the best possible place for setting up their operations. Earlier, logistical management covered distribution, transportation, supply chain management and predictive analytics. These are still essential components of the science but have now been substantiated by information technology to become all-inclusive understanding of the operations and profitability of a business. Though it is loosely defined as a function of time and space, logistics covers every aspect of a business, right from sourcing of raw material, transporting a consumable product or service to the end-consumer, to receiving a returned item, and disposing of it in a defined manner. Looking at the range of operations, it is evident that especially for business in the retail space, logistics can be the most important part of their overall management.
With the advent of new strategies such as Just-in-time and lean production, the time aspect of logistics also becomes primary. Inventory has a cost, whether it is of raw material or finished product, and any reductions in these help profitability. On the infrastructure front, the utilization of spaces becomes a component of efficient logistics. Shop fronts, warehouses, and depots are designed in accordance with the stock keeping units. These SKUs can range from a single unit to pallets. Thus, designing the structure around them allows for making the maximum use of the minimum real estate. Apart from affecting space, such design also helps in saving of time, as a standard operation is required to move a unit from one place to another. Thus, logistics and architecture exist in a situation where the former attempts to exceed the latter’s limitations while relying on it. The coordinated movement of goods in buildings supports the logistical function. Information, space, time and structures evolve on the basis of requirements. This can be termed as architecture “by” logistics. Such architecture also allows for leveraging technological advancements the most.
On a more macro level, territories can be controlled by authorities through the use of architecture. This includes the land and people, as well as the political forces that seemingly control it. Measurement and control are intrinsic to logistics, which are used in related architecture for controlling territories. This is based on an expanded understanding of logistics to include jurisdiction, borders, regions and land use laws.
Narrativity in the Representation of Reality
A narrative historical discourse is an accurate telling of events as they happened. However, on occasion, the narrative makes a story out of the events, which can be termed as a narrativizing. The former can be viewed as a documentary while the latter is more of a drama inspired by history. This implies that the narrativization will include emotions, motivations and have identifiable characters. The real problem, according to White, occurs when the two forms cross over, and actual events are depicted in the form of a story.
The narrative becomes troublesome when real events are made to align with a story. It is not possible to do so without some level of distortion. Different forms of historical discourse exist, one of which is “Annals”. The problem with this form is that it is unstructured, but rather, just a sequence of events with no demarcated beginning or end. Chronicles, on the other hand, have a narrative structure but seem to end very abruptly. These specific issues associated with such discourses make them difficult candidates to be transformed into stories. The telling of history seems incomplete without a narrative, which is the reason why annals and chronicles should be used to supplement proper historical discourses rather than being discarded. As an example, the history of Gaul from the eighth century is a sequence of various events. It is as barebones as an annal can be, with no apparent connection between consecutive occurrences. There are no causes that are examined or even an indication of ...
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