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Research & Describe Cloud Computing and Collaboration (Essay Sample)


Research on business uses of cloud computing and web 2.0
What is cloud computing and collaboration?
How do organizations use these tools?
What technology is required to use these tools?
What are the benefits of using these tools?
What are the limitations of using these tools?


Cloud Computing and Collaboration
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Cloud Computing and Collaboration
The world of Information Technology has remained one of the fields that continue to receive an increasing interest and attention of many scholars around the globe. Cloud computing is an integral component as far as global technological advancement is concerned. Well, according to Botta et al. (2016), cloud computing refers to the use of computer technology to complete a given task that is goal-oriented. It may involve the application of some hardware or software to structure, process, and manage any information type to help in scientific studies using various communication media. Cloud collaboration, on the other hand, involves co-authoring and sharing of files within a computer through cloud computing by uploading them to a central storage over the internet for easy access by others. In many occasions, individuals have collaborated and managed to obtain synergy that would have otherwise been unachievable if they worked independently. Sometimes it becomes too costly for institutions to meet their technological expenses when they stand alone, prompting the need to work together to save on costs. In information technology, it is common to find firms working together to obtain desired results.
Studies by scholars show that institutions have used these tools, both in the past and presently. In fact, the latest trends show that these two significantly contribute to the wellbeing of organizations as long as staying in business remains their core objective. Management of resources has become easier with the emergence of the need to collaborate and use cloud computing. While the advantages of the former are more noticeable when an entity is on the brink of closing down and so may need to spread its risks, organizations use cloud computing by making use of the hardware and the software resources that are available over the internet in managing third-party services (Rittinghouse & Ransome, 2015). This may majorly involve the act of storing data to offer backup services whenever there is a need. Thus, unfortunate occurrences like loss of data due to theft or fire breakouts reduce essentially when businesses realize the need to work together as well as to rely on the internet to store their data.
Some of the technologies that are very crucial in the management of cloud computing include the worldwide distributed storage system, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web service, virtualization technology, and web 2.0. Amongst all these technologies, web 2.0 stands out due to its ability to enable worldwide web collaboration, a user-centered design, and a quite interactive information sharing function. Some of the web-based technologies that fall under web 2.0 include multimedia sharing sites, wikis, social networks, Really Simple Syndication feeds, and podcasting (Hashem et al., 2016).
There are glaring shreds of evidence on how these two tools have proven to be beneficial, both to developers and to the end users. Other than developers feeling free from physical constraints, they are capable of connecting resources and people from various locations as well as providing new and different ways of accessing information. Also, they are able to boost processing and storage which in turn provides more power for running of applications. End users, on the other hand, enjoy the benefit of lacking any restriction limiting them to use a single network or computer. Besides, they are able to access and use their information from the internet whenever and wherever they want. Most importantly, there are no risks of losing any data from a computer as a result of crashing. Last but not least, there is collaborative computing, which enables ...
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