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Research And Describe Categories Of Technology Crime (Essay Sample)


The task was about RESEARCHING on the influence of technology on crime. it entailed summarizing a technology crime case, identifying categories of technology crime, describing the profile of computer criminals and review how a computer crime is prosecuted. Also, it discussed how computers are used as tools in fighting crime, reviewed technology crime laws and examined policy issues of technology and crime.


Technology and Crime
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The advancement of technology has seen the invention of electronic devices such as smartphones, computers and tablets. Despite the numerous advantages that have been brought about by such technological advancements, the cons are felt around the world. This essay will summarize a technology crime case, identify categories of technology crime, describes the profile of computer criminals, and review how a computer crime is prosecuted. Also, it will discuss how computers are used as tools in fighting crime, reviews technology crime laws and examine policy issues of technology and crime.
Technology crime summary
In May 2013, cyber hacking gangsters stole a total of $45 million from Britain making it the biggest ATM hacking cybercrime of all time (Sunde et al.,. 2017). Loretta Lynch, a judge, and prosecutor in the United States claimed that such hackers use computers and laptops to perpetrate such actions. The robbery was traced back to a credit card processing corporation in India. Besides, cyber-crime investigators linked the crime to the National Bank of Ras Al-Khaiman. Despite the arrest and apprehension of a man and woman in Germany, investigations into the offense did not bear fruits as there was not enough evidence to put them behind bars.
Categories of technology crime
With the availability of computers, smartphones, tablets and the internet, technology crime cases include ransomware attacks where viruses are injected into online users accounts in the form of malware. Social media deception where hackers intrude social media accounts of users and send them requests and messages and E-Banking frauds where spam emails are sent to individuals and when opened, viruses attack the devices they are using. Other forms of technology crime include unauthorized access to individual computer systems, criminal intimidation in form of blackmail and threats.
Profile of computer criminals
There are different types of computer criminals, and this can be figured out by their characteristics. A majority of computer criminals have high-risk tolerance factors and the urge to thrill computer users and do not regard certain laws and keep breaking them to raise the question of why they should abide by such laws (Ekblom, 2017). Also, they feel satisfied and enjoy accomplishing a crime by regarding themselves as smart and the primary aim for committing such computer-related crimes is the financial need, boredom, sexual desires drive and political and religious beliefs.
How computer crime is prosecuted
To perform online transactions, watch online videos or communicate with others via technological devices, the internet is required. Information from one region to the other passes through servers containing IP addresses. Hackers use software programs to intrude these secret IP addresses hence succeeding in committing cybercrimes.
Computers as tools in fighting crime
In spite being used as tools for committing cybercrimes, computers can aid in curbing this menace. This can be achieved by governmental and non-governmental computer experts who invent programs that aid in tracking down hidden IP addresses of the hackers (Ekblom, 2017). Also, online educa...
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