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Female Gender Roles and Reputation in the Video Gaming Industry (Essay Sample)


topic: gender devide in the gaming industry
paper content: Female Gender Roles and Reputation in the Video Gaming industry


Female Gender Roles and Reputation in the Video Gaming industry
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Notably, the video game industry greatly influences the social scene globally, with over 2.7 billion video game players. Because of the great popularity of video games, the developers should ensure appropriate gender representation and portrayal. There is a great gender divide in the American video gaming industry because of the unequal gender representation when developing the games. Video games greatly impact the final users, and there should be a proper gender representation. (Rajkowska, 2014)
Some of the major stereotypes developed in the gaming world in American society are that video games were mainly for the male gender, which has discouraged females from participating in playing video games. Game developers also focus on developing games designed for men by having over 80% of the characters in the game as males. Female characters 

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