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Incident response plan for ABC software Technology Essay (Essay Sample)


improving network security


Incident response plan for ABC software
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Incident response plan for ABC software
Despite the security measures being improvised to deal with network attacks, it remains a major problem in every organization. Continuous attempts of attack keep companies on their toes. To eradicate the attacks, companies must consider all the strategies that have been used and those that are suspected to be used in the future and put measures to prevent them. Doing this would not only solve their current attack problems but also prevent a future attack. It can only be done by following steps in a well-designed response plan. Therefore, this paper is a response plan. It aims to discuss the steps that ABC Inc. would follow to prevent future attacks on its software networks.
Incident response procedure
At the preparation stage, the response team set phase users expectations and prepares the system administrators. This is also where the response team decides on when to call the executive management and also the law enforcement. A banner is designed to set the expectatios of the user and also to serve as a notice that there is no expectation of privacy.
Sometimes, law enforcement must be notified which is therefore addressed at this stage. If the law enforcement is used, the organization loses control. The aim of the two are differentiated as the company wishes to get back to their normal operations while the law wishes to find evidence and execute the crime. In this case, ABC Inc. risks equipment seizure by the authorities. However, it would be desirable for the company to leave the issue to the response team other than leaving it to the authority.
At this stage, the event is analyzed so as to determine its nature. Identification of the event is a crucial stage as it gives the response team a clue on how to deal with the event depending on the its magnitude. For instance, it is after this stage when ABC Inc. would decide on whether to inform the authority or to leave the case to the response team depending on the magnitude of the incident.

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