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Highlighting On The Technological Advancement In The Field Of Crime Detection (Essay Sample)


highlighting on the technological advancement in the field of crime detection , APPREHENSION and DETENTION


Technology and Apprehension
Technology and Apprehension
The word technology in its simplest term refers to the incorporation of scientific techniques and knowledge to meet the aim of human life. Technology changes or rather manipulates the human surrounding with the benefit of human beings. Technology aims at making lives easier by reducing the workload and at the same time maximizing accuracy of performance. Technology cuts across all sectors of human operations, be it the primary sector, secondary or tertiary sectors. One of the sectors that the use of technology has been significantly leveraged on due to its accuracy and detailed measures is in justice administration (police, correction management and law courts. Technology is used specifically for several aspects within the administration (Peak & Cohn, 2016). This essay details the use of technology in crime scene reconstruction, routine law enforcement patrols and in the fight against terrorism.
Technology is an emerging term that is quickly gaining attention in the field of criminal justice because of its accuracy. Criminal justice requires accurate information in order to pin point the masterminds or culprits who perpetuate a crime. In most instances, culprits flee the crime scene as way of trying to escape justice, others tamper with the crime scenes in order to avoid being caught. Once a crime has been perpetuated, forensic experts to visit the scene and identify any possible leads that can identify the suspect. In the past traditional forms of scene reconstruction were not that effective and sometimes tiresome because it required the use of several analysis in order to identify the suspect, the complex nature meant that the results were not that efficient and sometimes there were no leads at all. With the onset of technology in crime scene reconstruction however, this has changed. Technology incorporated the use of specific process that aims to identify suspect and build up a case. For instance, the use of fingerprinting helps to identify the culprit by collecting on possible items that were used to carry out the crime and scanning for prints. The fingerprint is then compared to the fingerprints found in the police database, the other example is the use of DNA samples found in the scene and the last example is analyzing chemicals or drugs found on the scene (Casey, 2011).
Compared from not long ago, police patrols have seen a drastic improvement and all of this is thanks to the incorporation of technology. It is observed that, police are now able to predict a likelihood of crime happening even before it happens due to technology. It began with the use of radio calls, a specific link of communication that connects police from wherever they are, communication helps avert and apprehend criminals on the run. This is because, once a threat is identified in a certain region, an alert is sent to all the police within that jurisdiction. The law enforcers begin a manhunt for the culprit and once the culprit is identified, a communication is sent through the radio call to call for assistance. Predictive mapping is also a kind of technology that utilizes on the notion that a crime is likely to occur on one particular area by a similar group of offender and is always targeted to a similar group of people. Predictive mapping uses a software that pins a couple of locations within an area that crime is likely to occur (Koper, Lum & Willis, 2014). After it has pinned several location, the police patrol prints out the map and move to that area in order to prevent the crime form occurring. Predictive mapping is important due to its utilization of resources, in that the police patrols do not have to move up and down blindly, the software identify for them where to be at what time. The last form of technology that has become so useful in terms of police patrols especially within the territorial boundaries is the use of drones. Drones are unmanned small aircrafts. They are controlled remotely on ground. It is known that illegal immigrants or shifting of contrabands are done in areas that boundary patrol units cannot access. This however, has been curbed by the use of drones that survey the entire region regardless of the terrain.
The last sector that we...
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