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How The Cell Phone Is Evolving Into A Multi-function Appliance (Essay Sample)


Describe How the Cellular Phone Is Evolving into A Multi-Function Appliance

Describe How the Cellular Phone Is Evolving into A Multi-Function Appliance Name Institution Describe How the Cellular Phone Is Evolving into A Multi-Function Appliance In the history of inventions, one of the technological wonders devised by man is the cell phone gadget, conceived by Dr. Martin Cooper. Since its inception, it has immensely evolved from what it was then to what it is today both in design and in functionality. Over the years, it has been integrated into the modern life, playing a significant part as a multi-functional gadget, with its applications ranging from wireless communications, internet access to entertainment and business purposes. Initially, the core function that the cell phone was designed for was to facilitate communication between two parties with the intent of exchanging information. This is achieved by linking appropriate cellular networks within a geographical region, allowing users to connect and swap this information. This is achieved through two processes. These are voice calls, which allow verbal communication and the short messaging service, which allows typing and sending of written messages. These two services form the core basis of mobile communication and help in relaying information between users. Apart from these functions, the cell phone has progressed to a device that offers a wide variety of other services. These include mobile banking services, electronic messaging, communication over wireless protocols with the invention of Bluetooth technology, internetwork access as well as data storage through flash memory. Recently, cell phone users have welcomed the introduction of mobile banking services where it is capable to conduct electronic funds transfers without actually having to visit a banking facility in person. The invention of the Global Positioning System technology has also seen it possible to track both vehicle and assets using cell phones, adding to the list of the numerous applications the gadget can offer. Further, GPS also offers navigation services as one can access regional maps as well as obtain directions. These cell phones features have transformed the device into a reliable and efficient business application (Kling, 2010). The cell phone has advanced from a purely communication intended device to a leisure providing gadget. The modern cell phone comes fitted with numerous entertainment assortments, which include gaming applications and media programs that grant the user access to television and radio services. There are also applications that support photography as well as video and audio playbacks. Users are able to capture images, record live footages that can be stored on the cell phone or uploaded onto numerous available soci...
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