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The Internet and its Effects (Essay Sample)


The Internet and its Effects


The Internet and its Effects
The Internet and its Effects
The invention of the internet is among the most profound discoveries of the 20th century that have since changed the world in a significant way. Since the inception of the internet in the world of computers, it has had extremely many uses and prompted different effects. Vinton Gray, who is among other founders, spearheaded the invention and implementation of the internet, which soon after spread to the world (Oinas-Kukkonen, 2013). The society embraced the invention, and its use is rampant in every continent despite its source being in the United States. The internet is a helpful tool for people, but at the same time has had various demerits.
One of the leading merits of the internet is its capability to link people from both near and far regions. It has enhanced communication since its discovery through several channels, for example, emails and social sites among other means. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and Skype are examples of means through which people use to communicate over the internet (Katz & ‎Rice, 2002). Clear communication is possible as long as one has an internet connection, which can be established through various routes such as Wi-Fi, routers, and modem connectivity. Internet users are capable of leaving messages, which are written, verbal or visual. Students and tutors also communicate with each other for the ultimate purpose of education, for example, sending assignments.
In addition to communication, the internet also provides a platform for bloggers and idealists to present their ideologies. Websites, a product of the internet, are used to display people’s thoughts, which could be political, religious, or medical. However, this has caused both negative and positive influences on the society. People have had the chance to source valid information from websites where professionals and idealists have posted various ideas. Many have attained helpful ideas, for example, political truths, medical assistance and psychological help. On the negative note, some people have posted negative information on websites, such as incriminating embarrassing photos. In turn, such actions leave people discriminated by the society and some lose their careers (Oinas-Kukkonen, 2013).
The internet has also created a platform to execute different forms of businesses and trades that have changed the society in several ways. Different internet users indulge in equity trading over the internet, upon training and seeking professional help. This is an opportune moment for some people who manage to create a career in such ventures. Others take part in online writing, which is also a lucrative career and has proved to improve their livelihood and countries’ economy, at large (Katz & ‎Rice, 2002). Job creation is among the benefits provided by the internet, but some people have taken this as an opportunity to scam others. They falsify the existence of a job by asking people to send in...
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