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Discussion on 3D Solar Cells (Essay Sample)


Discussing 3D solar cells. An abstract was required.


Discussion on 3D Solar Cells
Vladmir Odhiambo
Maseno University
This is an essay that basically explains what three-dimensional solar cells are and their application in the present life. It further discusses the benefits that this technology has brought to the current solar users and how well it can be utilized to maximize on the solar power. The impact of introduction of this three-dimensional technology to the society is also discussed at length.
Keywords: solar energy, 3D solar cells, three-dimensional solar
Solar energy is among the finest forms of energy that we can boast of today (Dell & Rand, 2004). For this reason, it has significantly gained popularity as the problems associated with the burgeoning carbon and other toxic gases emission from the use of fossil fuels become exceedingly eminent. In a bid to improve the efficiency of solar energy, significant breakthroughs have been realized and so is the three-dimensional solar cell. This is a next generation of solar cells that maximizes on efficiency of energy production.
Three-dimensional solar cells employ a technology that uses miniature structures to maximize conversion of sun rays into electricity. With the conventional solar panels, about 30% of sunlight incident to the surface of solar cells are reflected off the surface and also lost within the materials that make up the solar cells. The design of the 3D solar cells imitates the efficient light conservation principles used in fiber optics (McEvoy, Castaner, & Markvart, 2012). This implies that the electrically connected solar cells use a 3-dimensional technique to confine sunlight within a photovoltaic structure whereby all the photons bounce back and forth until all of them have been converted to electrons. The cell also has a wide-angle feature for collecting sunlight over wide range of angles when...
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