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Open vs Closed Softwares (Essay Sample)


Was told to distinguish between open softwares and closed softwares


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A closed source software imposes a limit concerning consumer usability of that software and the access of the original code is usually restricted. The source code is not redistributable staging a situation whereby the consumer is seen to buy the right to use the software and not buying the software. On the other hand, on open source software usage, the end-user is not limited to use the software. It does allow the end-users to view and modify the source code of the product.
There is no better closed source software example than Microsoft Windows and Office. This is an Operating System (OS) without which a computer cannot function. The advantage of MS Windows as a closed software is that only one person or company develops it which avoids market infringement by fake similar products. The fact that the software is copyrighted and gets legal protection as an intellectual property makes it advantageous to use. The third pro is that the software user gets his supply straight from the developer and this creates a “feel at home atmosphere”. If there is something wrong with a particular component and you fix it personally, there is no mandate for you to contribute back to the society unwillingly. One demerit of using MS Windows as a closed source is that it cannot be copied and redistributed making it very uneconomical for organizations using multiple computers or use in cyber cafes (“Open vs. Closed Source Software”).
Apple’s IOS is a closed source software. This Operating System for all Apple phones is very efficient has fared well in US software markets.
It has an advantage of having a “unified experience because only the developer can manipulate the designs on behalf of the customers. However a closed software has a tendency of monopolizing the design and interface which makes it unpopular to some users. Besides, if something is not right with the software you cannot repair the component
Considered an open source mobile software is Google’s Android. It is a mobile OS. It is more secure and transparent. Since the code can be accessed by millions, it is possible for users to locate the weaknesses and bugs with ease and submit it to the developer for improvement. It can also be customized to meet user specifications (“Comparison between open source and closed source software”). If you fix a problem in an Android OS component as an open source software, it is required by mandate to make a contribution of your code back to the other Android users. What a disadvantage because not everybody is philanthropic (“Why closed source is better than open source”).
Linux is an open source software. It a wonderful Operating System. Linux users can locate a faulty software component and fix it without involving the developer. This gives the users a technical challenge (by will) which nurtures innovation and creativity to users. Linux cannot be interfered by malicious programs such as Trojan, worm and virus making it very stable to use in cyber cafes or shared computers. This is because they like releasing the full source for it. However Linux is a very rigid OS w...
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