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Mobile Devices Utilization in Healthcare Environment (Essay Sample)


In the modern world, there has been a rapid proliferation of mobile devices utilization in healthcare environment. There is need to consider health issues regarding this gadgets since they are on rampant use.

Mobile Devices Utilization in Healthcare Environment
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In the modern world, there has been a rapid proliferation of mobile devices utilization in healthcare environment. Healthcare workers use their mobile devices such as smartphones and a tablet to access health care applications that gives them a chance to deliver their services from wherever is needed. This, therefore, has improved the mobility of healthcare workers. Consumerization of mobile devices uses the cloud computing technology as a model of communication. Cloud computing facilitates anytime, anywhere access to healthcare data. Cloud computing technologies that is commonly used is the form of electronic health record (EHR) software as a service (SaaS) which is an enterprise that offers healthcare cloud services (Shoniregun , C A., Dube K. & Mtenzi 2010).
Benefits of mobile device and cloud computing
The utilization of smartphones and tablets in delivering healthcare to patients has incredibly improved the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency and presumably reduced the healthcare costs as well. In addition, its adoption has stepped up the user experience of health workers and has massively improved the productivity, flexibility and job satisfaction. Healthcare personnel can flexibly and comfortably offer health care services wherever they are needed.
The implementation of cloud computing has stepped up scalability and agility, and this has, further, cut down the health care costs. For instance, EHR SaaS facilitates fast startup and seamless scalability that has allowed healthcare institutions to focus on service delivery rather than Information technology. Health care organizations have also embraced pay-as-you go model with ample scalability in cloud computing (Zielinski , Duplaga & Ingram 2007 ).
Security Risks
Nonetheless, the Consumerization of mobile devices and cloud computing in healthcare organization has its own disadvantages despite a myriad of advantages it bears. The anytime, anywhere access to healthcare sensitive data makes it arduous to implement the traditional security measures. Cloud computing technology facilitates moves sensitive data away from healthcare organization to datacenter of the cloud providers that are located in various parts around the globe. Cloud computing is a purely network resource and is subject to attack by adversaries thereby interfering with the data integrity, and confidentiality (Shoniregun , C A., Dube K. & Mtenzi 2010).
Moreover, personal mobile devices are less managed as compared to an organization’s assets where periodic care, maintenance and audits are carried to ascertain their validity. Individuals install personal apps, exchange emails and engage in web searching activities using their mobile handsets thereby posing a risk of malware infection. A person even emails sensitive data over security prone emailing service and thus gets exposed to insecurity situation. A study by the National Science Foundation of China identified types of viruses that attack mobile devices, particularly, smartphones. Some of the viruses include Cabir, Brador, Commwarrior and Skull. These viruses attack smartphones through their communications interfaces and transmit their data through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPRS. Nevertheless, the virus spread can be managed by mobile phone user movements, and reduction of carriage signal strength. The smartphones continue to face threats of being attacked due to lack of installation of appropriate antivirus programs...
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