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Port Safety, Port Recovery, and Emergency Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Identify a technology that you believe will have an impact on the effectiveness of a response to a port centric emergency and why.


Port Safety, Recovery, and Emergency Management
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The growing technology in the ports keeps changing and advancing to new levels, which are more accessible, and lead to efficiency in every process. Transforming every activity to the latest technologies is critical in having effective port operations. Accidents happen every day at the port, which leads to damage of machines, equipment or even injuries. This leads to unnecessary costs in repairing the cracks, which can be easily avoided by taking advantage of technological advances such as the Internet of Things. Internet of Things is a great technology that leads to improved safety measures and efficiency at the port by connecting equipment, machines and other objects. This will make the automation of activities efficient since every data via this technology can be easily seen and accessed through sensors.
The shipping process can be made easier and safer using the Internet of Things. Each container being shipped will have a sensor and thus easy to track the movements, thus improving the shipment's safety (Zuidwijk & Veenstrs, 2014). With the Internet of Things, every data can be safe, every action being taken on the containers can be accessed with the tracking devices. The Internet has delivered of Things have proven reliable in ports by increasing the accessibility of every movement of goods. This is the most secure technological movement to apply, in ha

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