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An assessment of myself as a possible project manager (Essay Sample)


Module 2 - SLP INFORMATION NETWORKS AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: DECISION LOCUS AND POLITICAL HOTBED Like many things in information technology management, business intelligence is typically implemented in the form of a "project" -- that is, a special kind of organizational arrangement set up to do certain specific things over a specific period of time, as opposed to a regular and ongoing part of the organizational structure. If effective, projects often turn into regular structures, but it\'s also easy to terminate them if they don\'t seem to be progressing. Projects are critically dependent on a special kind of leadership and administration called "project management". Project managers need most of the kinds of administrative skills that other managers need, but also usually some fairly specific kinds of expertise to handle the unusual requirements of projects. Undoubtedly, you have all been part of a project at one point or another, so you have some perspective on what project life is like. And it\'s highly likely that you already have been or will be designated to be a project manager on some effort or other. It can be a shortcut to the top, but it can also be a professional graveyard if mismanaged. Understanding particular requirements of project management is a key personal skill. Jonathan Wu has written a short piece on project management outlining specific skills required to do the job well. In fact, it can serve effectively as a sort of checklist for assessing project management skills. Please read his article: Wu, J. (2005) Characteristics of an Outstanding Business Intelligence Project Manager. Information Management Magazine, May. Retrieved September 16, 2011, from I have taken the liberty of putting his list of qualifications in the form of a specific checklist that you can use to assess yourself. You can use either the Project Management Skill Set Assessment Excel or the Project Management Skill Set Assessment PDF (they\'re identical -- click to download). The exercise calls for you to form an assessment of yourself as a possible project manager and then to, if at all possible, confirm it with another person. Here are the instructions given on the sheet: SLP Assignment Expectations LENGTH: 2-3 pages typed and double-spaced The following items will be assessed in particular: • The degree to which you have carried out the assignment completely, or clarified why you could not and investigated alternatives • Your ability to describe your experiences clearly and draw conclusions from them, not just narrate events • Your ability to focus on the overall purposes of the assignment, not just its specific steps • Your use of some in-text references to what you have read, where appropriate; please cite all sources properly When you have completed the assessment, to the degree that you are able to, think about it for a bit; then prepare a short paper describing the following: • a brief summary of your experience taking the assessment, noting anyone else who was involved and what you did (if possible, attach a copy of your actual instrument) • the areas that emerged from the assessment as your particular strengths, as shown on the assessment instrument that you\'re attaching • any areas that emerged from the assessment as areas in which you would like to strengthen your competence, also as shown on the assessment instrument that you\'re attaching • anything that surprised you about the results of this assessment, if anything • what specific steps you could take to strengthen your project management competence -- be as specific as you can, in the interests of getting the most value from the exercise for yourself • your overall opinion of this instrument as a measure of project management competence -- what it measures well, anything that you believe it does not measure well or at all It is really important that you get a second opinion about your skills from someone who knows you, preferably in the work context. If for some reason you can\'t get a second opinion as part of this exercise, be sure that you explain well why it\'s not possible. Just ignoring this part of the exercise will cost you part of a grade.


An assessment of myself as a possible project manager
An assessment of myself as a possible project manager
Managing the project
As a project manager I should be able to understand and apply the knowledge and techniques that are part of the best practicing. My knowledge will relate to the application procedures and tools in the different project activities. The performance utilizes the project knowledge in meeting the different requirements (Wu, 2005). The personal initiative relates to the manner in which every aspects of the project are to be coordinated in realizing the most successful projects. Every constituent component of the project requires the personal initiative in ensuring that the input factors are well structured. The administrative procedures are necessary in determining the right adjustments aimed at realizing the project success.
Team work
I should inspire, motivate and guide the different members of my group in realizing the goal accomplishments. I must be able to consistently develop and sustain cooperation in the working relationships. Encouragement and facilitation of organization and consumer cooperation ensures that the project is for the right interest (Wu, 2005). The group spirit, trust, faith, understanding and the relation with the different group members is very crucial in ensuring that the best cooperation strategies are applied in guiding the team members in the best way possible. The fitting into other peoples’ shoes makes it possible for the right considerations to be made at any time the different group members are expected to work in unison.
Self development
In the execution of the IT projects, I must manage my time and activities. Identification of strengths or weakness should make me improve and work the best as per the existing strengths and weaknesses. Self studying as well as classroom training should advance the manner in which I deal with my personal issues that are to affect the way in which carry out the project aspects (Wu, 2005). The way in which I carry out the personal aspects of life create the atmosphere in which I should be able to manage the project as per the right expectations of all those who expect to gain from the project.
Systemic integration
As a project manager, I should use the best practices, principles and policies in realizing the professional standards in implementing the new process. The manner in which the varying aspects of the projects are to be put together is one that comes up with the most developed project. The different aspects of the IT project need to be put together in such a way that the realizable objectives are initiated from the initial stages. The role that the different team members are to contribute to the general project completion comes in with the determining factors.
Personal integrity
The project manager’s should be aware, skillful and able to model behaviors that are ethical. The policies at the work place need to comply with the law and the existing policies. It is necessary to come up with an understanding of the many considerations that are critical in making the different examinations that are supposed to provide the best guidance (Wu, 2005). All the knowledge that I have applied in my school training period needs to be well used in coming up with a number of concepts that are for the application in the project. The careful use of the integrative characteristics of the project completion will determine the most qualitative advancements in project completion.
Leading change
Any IT projects is supposed to come up with better ways of executing the different tasks at work. The desirable success factors are critical in realizing the right elements of the project. Every different step towards the project success is supposed to come up with a change that is to benefit the qualitative advancement in making the project a success...
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