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Reflection on a Push towards Electric Cars (Essay Sample)


Advantages and disadvantages of putting electric cars into operation.
Purpose: Encourage the government to push for the implementation of the electric cars.
Overview: It provides a general account and outlines the benefits and potential negative
impacts of this new technology for electric vehicles on the whole society and environment.
It then introduces two case studies, which illustrate the environmental and social benefits
and negative impacts of the popularization of electric cars. Finally, it offers some
recommendations for governments.
Advantages and Disadvantages
 Financial impact
o huge costs  battery technology + ↑ expensive materials (Mi & Masrur, 2017, p.
o invest in infrastructures ↑increased charging stations (Schmidt, 2017, p. 38-52)
 energy saving of the electric cars
o greatly reduce carbon emissions  ↑protect the environment (Schmidt, 2017, p.
 charging is difficult, slow, and battery cost is high (Mi & Masrur, 2017, p. 378)


It was until I took this course that I was able to understand what artificial intelligence meant. I kept hearing about the internet of things but my mind did not take me beyond use of fuel for the automotive industry. I thought the advancements were only to the humans with advancement in robotic adventures. The proposals of having electric car hit me like a loud bell as I thought of globalisation. The interconnectedness in the society and the fast technological advances. I looked at the advancement from a sustainability perspective.
First, I assessed the economic impact of having the electric cars. The cars would make the economy run like a flash. People will be more efficient in their operations most especially in the service industry since they would be able to make their deliveries very fast. I learnt that use of electric cars will call for more advancement in infrastructure. This to my understanding has economic consequences. This is because the government through the electric cars will be able to achieve other of its objectives such as roads and ruralisation. The government has an objective of providing public goods to its citizens. The technology will come with many more investments and even development in industries as the leakages to the technology. Therefore, killing two birds with one stone. In addition, I learnt that the technology will pull with it other innovations like, we would have an improvement and addition of charging stations, a practical case was witnessed in Norway and Australia. This is to say that employment will also be boosted for people to work in this stations. This will have a consequence on the disposable income which will increase, and people’s livelihoods will improve. Thus, the government will achieve economic growth as it will be able to raise more revenue through taxes. Energy source make economies move. Economies that have been able to manage their energy are seen to have high economic development. Most developed countries compete for energy, since they are aware that energy fuels everything in the economy. Using electricity as a source of energy will move things faster in the economy. However, electricity use may take away some jobs. The advancement since carries with it efficiency, the many people that were required for an operation may have to reduce since machine running with electricity can be easily monitored from one point. What this means to the economy is that there would be high unemployment. Thus, the government needs to think of strategies to other openings that will absorb this mass. Coming to think of it, I think the government should piece out the adoption so that it does not lender most people unemployed without alternatives. This has worked in Norway as the government increased regulation on the technology. In Australia a case of congestion, as well as reduced power due to high demand was witnessed. Thus, the government should take this as an opportunity to opening more stations to absorb more workforce. Having more electric models will heighten innovations and explanation of power sources.
Looking at the environmental aspects, I learnt that use of electricity is more environmental friendly. This is because less emissions are released to the environments. Pollution from emission is a great threat to the environments. I know the government has a major role of protecting the environment and thus technologies that would help to this effect would be appropriate. However, I also learnt that the technology comes with a higher cost compared to use of fuel. If I was to use public transport for instance, there is a lot of emission released to the environments, not even forgetting tractors, and heavy machines used at contraction sites. All this gasses have an effect on the ozone layer, and the cost of amending this damage is far much high compared to implementing the electric cars technology. Thinking about the issue critically, I realised that carbon emissions have very high negative consequences to the environment and endangers its biodiversity. Environmental degradation can be hard to repair. Climate change has been catching up with us which is a great enemy to economic growth. There has been search of ways to combat the adverse effect. Therefore, I think taking the electric technology will reduce the emissions, and thus a way of dealing with climate change. This has been witnessed in Norway and Australia thus it can work all over the globe.
Getting deeper to the topic, I would like to shift gears to m

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