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Role of Sensors in Daily Life (Essay Sample)


Digital Technology Media Assignment 2 (Week 3)
View the provided video:
The Role of Sensors in Our Daily Lives: lecated
Summarize the important points of the video and include:
The specific ways sensor technology is being used today
The specific ways sensor technology can be used in the future
Current benefits from sensors
The potential impact that sensors will afford society in the future
Using critical thinking, address three (3) points made in the video and offer your reflective thoughts on these points.
Note: This may include whether you agree / disagree, if you believe it is a good idea or not, possible consequences of the point you are addressing, etc.


Role of sensors in daily life
Student’s Name
Sensors are devices that are used to collect information about the physical world (Agarwal, 2015). They are formed by embedded systems that include microprocessors and processors that process the information into something useful. The application of sensing has become a reality in the modern world, and there are numerous examples to support the idea.
The automobile is a good example of the application of sensors in daily life. There are safety measures included such as antilock brakes, traction control and rearview cameras are major applications of sensors (Patel, 2016). Sensors are a good application of background processes that make decisions that are critical. They are interactive with the notion of sensing and feedback. A variety of disciplines is incorporated to achieve effective sensors such as embedded systems and machine learning. Another specific way in which sensors are used in daily lives is in health. A good example is the micro-sub-connect. Initially started as a gaming console, the idea is the acquisition of 3D camera that provides in-depth information (Patel, 2016). The application of this idea has lowered the barrier. The application of surgical robotics is based on this idea where doctors can remotely control robots at a distance and care out operations and surgeries effectively.
Another way in which sensors are used in healthcare is the integration of ultrasound machines to mobile phones to enhance care within the health industry. This further enhances some micro health sensing. On body sensing is also used to collect physiological information of a person and report to the medical professionals in real time (Discover Sensors, 2016). Smart home sensing is another application of sensors. In the field of safety, a canonical example is in bridges and the road systems where sensors are deployed to detect any occurrence of damage after earthquakes. Home safety and loss prevention such as smoke detectors and fire hazard detection are also expected to be implemented. Tsunami alerts are in the process of continuous application, and a major breakthrough is expected to be achieved in the future (Patel, 2016).
Sensing can also be used to monitor energy and water use in residential consumption. This is a significant challenge in the modern world as these resources are scarce and should be utilized wisely. The use of automated appliances and lighting control and smart grid load balancing is another area where sensors have a brighter future for implementation. Power harvesting from various sources is also an expected application of sensors in the future (NITRD, 2016). However, various benefits emerge from the use of sensors in daily lives. Among them include increased security; both at home and on the roads where the sensors are deployed. Also, patient safety is guaranteed with the application of sensors in robotics to carry out surgical activities.
It is evident that sensors have the potential to revolutionize the society in the future. The ability to monitor the consumption of local resources will enable proper planning at the local and national government levels. Also, this will enhance the application of better judgment in the allocation of resources (Agarwal, 2015). There are three po...
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