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Autonomous / Self Driven Vehicles: Autonomous Cars (Essay Sample)




Autonomous/Self Driven Vehicles
Self-driven vehicles are vehicles which do not need human effort to move. Such vehicles depend on various aspects such as radial action, or odometers. However, most of them are known to move by computer control or through GPS. Self-driven vehicles are also called autonomous vehicles. Technology is the major resultant cause of these self-driven cars, which portray a high level of literacy and knowledge entailed in the minds of their makers and engineers. Technology has made life simple. Such vehicles are able to even sense danger in a certain divert and though computer control, divert to safer zones. The technology of self-driven vehicles has influenced the society in many ways. The social, cultural, political, economic and environmental impacts of autonomous vehicles are as discussed in detail below.
The autonomous vehicles technology has been warmly welcomed in the society. This is because they make life easier. Through autonomous vehicles, some people are able to move faster to work and therefore run office duties timely. Additionally, other people use them for prestige. Therefore, in some countries, one is acknowledged and recognized as famous when he or she possesses an autonomous car. The technology is feared by some few people, it it mostly favors a large number of the general public. Those who fear travelling on autonomous cars are either resistant to change or have little knowledge on how such vehicles function. According to Driankov, D. and Saffiotti, A. (Eds.).(2013), a large percentage of the public are positive towards change. They are willing to have a taste of the new technology and enjoy what technology has brought.
The developers of these cars are trying their best to sell their technology to the public wisely. They first educate the mass on the basic knowledge one has to know about these cars. Additionally they sell their autonomous vehicles at subsidized cost since it is the first time they are entering the market. People have with time grown interest and a positive passion towards this autonomous vehicle technology. By looking at how such vehicles operate, the curiosity and willingness to buy among the public increase. Their thinking also changes. Those who were planning to buy manual car change their thinking with time and look for means of getting an autonomous one.
The Interaction between partners is also evident especially when the public exchange ideas and views about self driven vehicles. However, this technology excludes the poor people to a great extent. It largely favors the wealthy. According to Maslow’s hierarchy on needs, physiological needs such as food and shelter, are satisfied first before other types of needs a given a preference. Therefore, an ordinary hawker cannot purchase an autonomous vehicle when he does not know where to spend a night. For those who are relatively rich, they can purchase such cars since they have no problems with satisfaction of physiological needs and therefore autonomous vehicles may suite them as they try to satisfy what Maslow calls esteem needs. Through this technology some physiological needs are met. A person with an autonomous car can feel warm in the car since it has warmth regulators. He or she can also use the car and travel for distances to get food.
Some self-driven vehicle companies such as Toyota have actually prospered as a result of this technology. The support technology and societal change. The society therefore ends up changing to cope up with the current changes in technology. Development eventually comes to a reality since some problems such as traffic jams are solved as a result of this technology. People of the upper social class buy these vehicles as they try to make their lives more enjoyable. Actually, this technology benefits the developers and the upper class people. The vehicles are fitted with emergency kits and alarms to make sure that lives of the passengers are saved in cases of danger. Cases of theft are also reduced since the vehicles are fitted with sensors which prevent people of this character from stealing such vehicles.
Culturally, the residents and citizens of United States of America are generally literate and productive. These characteristics make innovations easier to achieve. According to Anderson, J. M., Nidhi et al (2014), different learners are specialized in different fields of study, including the technical department. The States therefore are quite improved in terms of technology compared to other nations. Culture plays a very vital role in the marketing of autonomous vehicles. For instance, adverts of self driven vehicles, on billboards, are accompanied with scantily dressed ladies, to attract the attention of the potential and willing buyers. Earlier, there existed manual vehicles which are driven by drivers and do not rely on aspects such as the GPS for their functioning. Recently, autonomous vehicles are coming to existence and gradually substituting the ancient manual vehicles.
Musicians mostly prefer using expensive cars which appeal to the eyes of their target audience, for them to sell their artistic productions. They are therefore likely to hire or purchase autonomous cars for their video shooting purposes. Some musicians have even composed songs and videos to praise such self-driven cars, for their comfortable and self-relaxing nature. These vehicles are beautifully designed by their developers such that they have an aesthetic value. Since a human being likes living a comfortable life, they have made such vehicles to make their lives more comfortable. Since they cannot walk for long distances, they have then made such cars
Political influences are also evident. The United States government policy allows for creativity and innovation. This therefore allows creative thinkers such as autonomous vehicle developers, to continue with their innovation freely. The government also supports innovative ideas and helps to bring them forth. Additionally, after these autonomous vehicles are made, the government licenses them for sell and for personal use in and outside America. In international meetings, such thoughtful ideas are discussed and nations may unite together to make foreseen dreams come true. The president himself supports and likes to work with innovative minds. The congress and the whole legislative board, pass laws and by laws which favor the developing and marketing of self-driven vehicles. The judges in the Supreme Court also rule on cases concerning self-driven vehicles with justice. Currently, some self-driven vehicle companies have been allowed to make such vehicles. Some boards such as the GM’s board are put in place to make sure that the vehicles developed are safe and secure for human use.
Economically, there are costs incurred in the making of these self-driven cars. They are relatively expensive because their entire processing of making and assembling them is also expensive. The raw materials of such vehicles are got from various parts of the world. Others are transported through water and air to their various destinations. This makes the developing process quite complex. The final price of the self-driven vehicles, therefore inflate. According to Littman, T. (2014), as the demand of such cars increase, the developers make more such vehicles. Some highly trained individuals end up getting employment in such car making industries. The vehicles industries are mostly impacted more in terms of capital. They need more initial capital compared to other industries such as the clothing industry, for them to work and run smoothly. Financial aids to vehicle industry are very helpful. The Unites states, partner with other nations to make sure that international trade is carried out with minimum limitations. Tax fee and other tariffs are therefore made friendly across nations. This aspe...
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