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The Smartphone Industry: Comparison Between Samsung and Apple (Essay Sample)


this paper examined on how samsung and apple have successfully stood out in the competitive communication world. The competition between Samsung and Apple has been stiff since their inception and researchers have always developed an interest in their development. Most of the research has been based on the different strategies used by the companies to win the competition in the industry. As expected, the main interest is on the consumers since they determine whether or not a company will have a higher market share. However, the field of research only provide a partial amount of information since the two companies engage in a field known for frequent changes and have to be flexible. Therefore, new strategies keep coming up, and research must be done continually.


The Smartphone Industry
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The Smartphone Industry
The history of smartphones can be traced back to the time after 1992 when the International Business Machines (IBM) corporation made a mobile phone invention to improve the previous cell phone. The invention by IBM has changed the world of phones, and smartphones have become popular day-in-day-out. Smartphones provide an effective alternative to customers who find laptops and personal computers bulky and prefer a more portable alternative. The invention of the smartphone came with accompanying competition in the market as different manufacturers and marketers have since competed for the market share in the business. Apple and the Samsung Corporation are two of the most popular smartphone companies in the industry, and their competition makes them more popular than the other companies (Margulis & Galli, 2018). The comparison between Apple and Samsung happens more often than not every time a discussion on the state of the smartphone industry arises owing to their influence in the market.
Research is done to assess the comparison between the Apple and Samsung corporations. Therefore, this study’s objective is to seek information concerning the performance of the two giant companies in the smartphone industry. The two companies employ different strategies to ensure that they win the largest market share. Generally, consumer preference has been the main determinant on the success of the companies. The study assesses the difference between consumer preference and satisfaction towards the two companies. Also, the use of advertisement media by the two companies is used to assess the 

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